China’s largest printing and dyeing enterprise crisis Martial Law

China’s largest printing and dyeing business group jianglong Holdings (hereinafter referred to as the Martial Law) after the outbreak of the debt crisis, the chairman of the board Taoshou long disappeared, many creditors to recover without fruit, told reporters yesterday, the Martial Law to provide for non-lending creditors have been in Hangzhou, Shaoxing, and other than the Court Martial Law to the legal representative of the Tao Shou-long proceedings, as well as debt guarantor. The Martial Law and inextricably debt over the relationship between the textile enterprises in Shaoxing, dragged down by this incident, is also in high-risk, the crisis may have on the Martial Law Shaoxing textile industry as a whole chain of cause heavy losses.

Creditors have been court

According to knowledgeable sources disclosed that in order to Martial Law and its guarantor for the defendant’s case in court, including Hangzhou??