December 12 -12 18 spot cotton Shichangzhouping

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s agricultural market Secretary of cotton weekly, December 12, 2008 -12 18 cotton spot last week, the average price rose 125 points. As of Thursday (December 18) the basic quality of cotton (41 color, 4 leaf cuttings, fiber 34, 35-36 and 43-49 micronaire value, 26.5-28.4 strong, neat 81 degrees) in the seven designated markets Week, the average price of 41.52 cents per pound. When the average week than last week’s average price of 40.27 cents, the same week last year but lower than the average price of 59.83 cents. Japan this week, the lowest average price in the Friday (Dec. 12) of 40.49 cents, its highest point in Wednesday (Dec. 17) of 42.86 cents.

As of Dec. 18 end of the week, the daily spot cotton prices in the spot report of the transaction total package 42,058, compared with 34,143 last week, closing package, with the last year traded ZHOU 50,469 packets. Spot turnover was a total of 423,422 packets, compared to the same period last year traded a total of 627,060 packets. ICE Thursday in New York in March cotton futures settlement price of 45.28 cents, compared to last Thursday settlement price of 44.46 cents.

South East market. Spot moderate trading. Growers offer moderate. Moderate demand. The average price of the local strength. For a moderate amount. CCC-net loans moderate trading.
In central and southern markets. Spot cotton trade is not active. Growers offer very little. The weak demand. Local spot prices up. CCC-net-free loan transactions. Domestic and foreign textile agents rarely consulted. No sales report.
Southwest of the market. Texas, the east / Oklahoma slow to spot trading, the west Texas cotton spot trading activity. Offer a large number of growers. Moderate demand. The average price of the local strength. Texas, the east / Oklahoma CCC-net loan transaction moderate, western Texas, CCC-loan transactions modest net. Cotton growers continue to put CCC-loan scheme and co-marketing agencies.
Western markets. SJV Cotton Valley is not active spot trading. In 2008 the volume of cotton for the huge demand for very little. Average local prices up. No long-term contract or act of textile mills of the report. The local market was relatively calm. The storm in the Pacific region and the formation of stacking the Arctic cold air currents.
Southwest desert areas (DSW) upland cotton cash transaction is not active. In 2008 a huge amount for cotton. Demand continues to shrink. The average price of the local strength. No long-term contract or report acts of domestic textile mills. Calm the local market.
American Pima spot transaction is not active. In 2008 for the large volume of cotton. Little demand. The average price of a local firm. No long-term contract or report acts of domestic textile mills. The report of the local cotton business, foreign sales increased textile mill inquiry. No new sales report. Cotton processing plants remain in operation.
Report of the textile mill. Domestic textile buyers amount of procurement in April 2009 delivery of the source of cotton (41 color, leaf cuttings 5, fiber 35). Textile mills and other buyers rarely consulted. The reality of the report, most of the textile mill have been completed into until the first quarter of 2009 the need for raw cotton. Some textile mill plans to lay-off two weeks before Christmas.
Inquiry moderate export channels. Far East needs a large number of any grade cotton, or the immediate delivery in the near future. At the same time, the Far East also needs a large number of green cards the U.S. Department of Agriculture grades of cotton (31 color, leaf litter 3, fiber 36).