Europe and the United States advanced equipment prices spinning loose transnational enterprises procurement costs can be saved into three

Recently, Fujian, 27 textile and garment, footwear enterprises Germany, Italy, Japan to carry out cross-border procurement of equipment. Total procurement to all types of textiles, footwear and other machinery over 3000 units, amounting to 60 million U.S. dollars, most of whom were previously inaccessible to the advanced equipment procurement.

It is learned that in the past, by virtue of advanced technology, equipment manufacturers in developed countries has a clear pricing the right to speak, cuts a very small space. By the impact of financial crisis, due to lack of orders, the price of space began to loosen, companies can use more favorable price to buy advanced technology and equipment. The purchase of a number of textile, footwear, machinery and equipment prices, over the previous year had fallen more than 30%.