Exquisite handmade carpets quality high-grade

 handmade carpets, exquisite workmanship, the quality of high-grade, 20 percent use of fine wool and 80 percent of imports of acrylic anti-skid non-woven fabric environmental protection. 2.5 meters long, 2 meters wide, 18 millimeters high velvet carpet, 20 millimeters thick. Logo elegant fashion, three-dimensional super-flu, there are cashmere blanket soft surface like feel and flexibility prominent personality at home, anti-bacterial, anti-slip, mold, no static electricity, absolutely environmental protection, no smell, no harm to humans. Can be used under the coffee table, TV cabinet before the study, the leisure areas such as home region. Handmade carpets easy care and maintenance, do not need professional cleaning, can be directly washing, is one of the major advantages of goods.