ICE cotton futures market on the 18th Comments

ICE cotton futures rose on the 18th by a strong metal and a small amount of short-covering support.

      Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) cotton futures on the 18th broke through the merchandise and the stock market decline and the agencies are generally high, the market by the technical strength and a small amount of short-covering support.

May cotton fell to close up 41 points, to close at 45.09 cents / lb. And cotton in March rose 35 points, to close at 43.88 cents / lb.

May cotton inter-plate did not break through the trading range on the 17th. May cotton on the 17th after a sharp fall on the 18th after opening up a modest, but has since reduced the increase in part. After the contract fell slightly, but the baseline period of cotton in May in 44.65 cents / pound found support during the day low. Contract to find 45.20 cents / pounds of resistance before the unilateral uplink, but later fell back to low during the day.

Analysts said the selling after a few days after the period of cotton in the technical charts look more powerful.

One futures analyst, said in May cotton psychological support at 45 cents / pound, while the second support at 40.25 cents / lb.

The United States Department of Agriculture will be published on the 20th weekly export data, official data will be expected to show good demand for spot cotton, in particular taking into account the short-covering.

Exchange data show that 17 open positions to reduce the 837 to 117,984 hand in hand.

According to Exchange data, on the 17th ICE cotton inventories increased by 190,467 packages to the 6773 package.

Trading volume is expected to 10,870 hand, has around 3379 hands and 3024 call option put option traded hands.