Laizhou textile exports to make full use of the “Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement” preferential policies

Laizhou textile export enterprises to make full use of the “Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement” tariff preferential policies to actively organize the expansion of export goods, clothing exports have been a significant increase in South Korea. January to August this year, the city of Laizhou Korean textile lose up to 131 approved, the value of 1,350,000 U.S. dollars, respectively, year-on-year growth of 322.58 percent and 325.76 percent.

So far this year, “the Asia-Pacific Trade Agreement” to implement a new round of tariff concessions range of goods and preference margins are significantly expanding our India can enjoy preferential tariff products from 188 extended to 570 items 6, 227 from South Korea 6 lines extended to 1367 of 10 tax items, clothing exports to South Korea’s largest discount rate of 50%. Laizhou City in a fashion to make full use of the Limited