Mechanical cotton picker and hand-picked to improve work efficiency compared to more than 10 times

City of Gansu Province is an important cotton producing area, but in recent years due to the cotton harvest season, “labor shortage” is becoming more serious, more expensive prices of cotton this year to reach 1.2 yuan / kg, accounting for one-fifth of the price of cotton One. For the city as soon as possible to resolve the issue of mechanization of cotton harvest in recent years, the agricultural sector organizations technical inspection of the Turpan area of Xinjiang cotton research and development of mechanical conditions, combined with the characteristics of cotton fields in our city, with independent intellectual property rights, research and development of small gas-suction Light cotton machinery, Achieved a major breakthrough. This year, the joint production of agricultural machinery enterprises in the cotton harvest on research and development of small portable mechanical cotton picker made producing the performance evaluation results. The aircraft with hand-picking, to improve work efficiency more than 10 times.