Mechanism of hand tufted rugs purchase

A. resilient: this mainly reflects comfort of hand tufted rugs, general consumer hand tufted rugs back to back packs available summary method to see if show backing, General density larger and more difficult to reveal the bottom lining. Elastic density, the better, more durable. B. colour fastness of: repeated friction with the Palm of hard wet paper cloth for hand tufted rugs or hand tufted rugs, see if Palm and tissue staining, staining colour fastness to serious description well. C. tags: hand tufted rugs labelling standard regulations of the State, not including product names, trademarks, also indicate the name fiber, quality of content, hand tufted rugs base down on head (down heavy head, the better) and special performances, and other important information. By label can make consumers understand shopping. To help consumers identify, new amendments provided for in the national standard of woven and tufted hand tufted rugs, one model per 50 grams. For example: quality of pile head 6,500 grams of/M2 is the type 650. Higher models, hand tufted rugs surface-fibre the heavier, more comfortable and durable. This gives consumers clear, fair trading, quality determine the price. D. According to the laying of occasions different, choose a different craft of hand tufted rugs, such as Stampede frequent ‘ place to choose to wear velvet hand tufted rugs, Knop sparse cut pile hand tufted rugs pattern change and trample long time can cause lodging Knop. E. of the same process, or the same material, density of knots (number or the number of knots/feet/square meter) high hand tufted rugs, or high pile weight (g/m2) large hand tufted rugs, its features, higher prices. F. pile head with the same raw materials, different processing of cashmere yarn, such as joint stock twisting yarn, textured yarn, texturing and filament yarn made of cashmere yarn, such as hand tufted rugs, their price is higher than the normal filament production of hand tufted rugs.