Mulberry silk performance indicators

(1) performance indicators: ¢Ù color: factory of silk, light-green color with white, milk, White’s most common. ¢Ú luster: silk with hierarchical structures, multilayer reflective light, reflective light interfere with each other and create a beautiful soft luster. ¢Û feel: smooth, soft and flexible, and have a warm feeling of fullness. ¢Ü cohesion: factory with its own sericin of cocoon filaments bonded together the roots. Have a certain cohesion so that can withstand all kinds of friction during the machining process, which is a plant-specific performance, in holding test, mechanical friction of not less than 60 times. Processing, silk doupion, mulberry silk waste does not require number of cohesion. ¢Ý proportion: Silk porous structure, the proportion of small, usually 1.30-1.37g/cm3. ¢Þ strength and elongation: silk with good strength and elongation rate, it is based on a strength, elongation of cocoon. But due to adhesion cohesion effects of sericin on Cocoon, their relative strength and elongation are better than silk. Strong dry state for 4-4.5g/D, wet to dry-state 80%, elongation dry state for 18~25%, wet 25~30%, mulberry silk or elongation of 6~7%. ¢ß Hygroscopicity and water absorption: Silk strong Hygroscopicity, standard State (20 ¡ã c, 60%), moisture regain is about 11%. Silk water absorption is 80-90%, up to a maximum of 101%. ¢à heat resistance: generally refers to silk caused by heated levels of mechanical properties and morphological changes in the structure. Its decomposition point of around 150 ¡ã c, is a better heat resistance of textile materials. Electrical conductivity of ¡é¨¢: silk is a poor conductor of electricity, can be used for insulating materials. But if regain high relative humidity of the air, can cause resistance decreased significantly reduce their insulating properties of silk. (2) test method: ¢Ù white factory: see GB1798-86 rules of raw silk test. ¢Ú process: see GB/T14033-92 of the silkworm Jingwei thrown silk. ¢Û doupion: see FZ/T42005-1998of the silkworm doupion. ¢Ü Mulberry silk waste: see FZ/T42005-1998 of the silkworm silk waste. Test method for FZ/T42003-1997 of the silkworm silk FZ/T42005-1998 the silkworm cartridges of spun silk.