Natural materials of the hand tufted rugs should be how to choose? (Photos)

From materials such as straw, hemp, corn processing after bleaching of textile hand tufted rugs, featuring strong smells in the country, for laying in the summer. Dirty and difficult to maintain, often rainy and humid areas should not be used. When you select such a hand tufted rugs should be how to choose it? 1 twisted, clearly pulling stranded hand tufted rugs and hand tufted rugs, both tying process is almost the same, just twisted forms differ. Twisted manner than old, thin, light of the high number of hand tufted rugs are made of this technology and stranded high pile density of the hand tufted rugs, blanket back quite real, generally found in soft and thick hand tufted rugs, also saying goes high or low number of points. In the back of the hand tufted rugs to see white parallels a road that is open back hand tufted rugs, it is stranded hand tufted rugs. 2, colors, the hand tufted rugs tiles in bright light, watching the hand tufted rugs color to coordinate, where not stain, and Harmonia, dye should be uniform, taboo suddenly concentrated light. From color also clearly on sources of raw materials, such as the New Zealand wool long, and is a white, easy to dye, color of higher; some domestic wool fibers shorter, the color yellow, color will be relatively poor. 3, pattern, overall composition to complete, patterned lines to clear round, of color to the color profile you want to clear. 4, the hand tufted rugs surface, high quality hand tufted rugs surface of the hand tufted rugs is not only flat, but should head key, there is no default defects.