Oct. 22 domestic cotton market

Domestic spot: October 22, the domestic cotton (12250,95.00,0.78% of it) into the spot market to ease the interim period, the need to maintain the disadvantaged, but the decline has been shrinking, as the two sides are not actively buying and selling, the market overall is still traded fans wilt . Chinese cotton price index (CC Index328 level) to 12,163 yuan / ton, down 25 yuan yesterday; CC Index229 level to 12,569 yuan / ton, down 69 yuan; CC Index527 level to 11,595 yuan / ton, down 27 yuan.

Bring together the market: October 22, MA0812 to close at 11,950 yuan, the average price of 11,934 yuan, down 158 yuan; MA0901 to close at 12,000 yuan, the average price of 12,039 yuan, down 90 yuan. The whole volume 8840 tons with a total volume of orders for 55,520 tons, an increase 1840 tons.

Mr Cotton Futures: October 22, the ICE Cotton futures ended sharply higher overnight boost of Zheng main cotton contract CF901 opened higher, fell after the shock, once again shaken by the whole number of 12,000 yuan mark, launched a successful counterattack trading, the price of the volume Qi Or, to increase positions.

Cotton imports: With the ICE futures rebounded on October 22 to replace imported cotton, the main Hong Kong and China offer a small rise in U.S. cotton and cotton and Australia offer up 1.25-1.50 cents, and other species up 0.50-1.00 cents.