Qi from the plate at last week turned down a plate differentiation

Line Lianyin four weeks after this week’s Shanghai Composite Index closed at last week K Line Yang, a number plate on the surface there have been varying degrees of increase, but the structure of the division begin to be felt. Of these, cement, financial, construction and building materials and iron and steel plates were among the biggest gainers, rising stock market this week has provided strong support.

The last paragraph of this week, the U.S. stock market, the external performance of the stock market was most vulnerable. But the A shares are out of the “yin yang of the two packages,” the market, the market is a ray of warmth. From the surface, the plate from the last week or Qi to divide the plate, up and down half of the plate. “Investment-led economy” policy is expected to stimulate the market’s nerves associated with cement plate, the plate of the financial, construction and building materials and iron and steel plates have a lot of buying into. Among them, UBS bought large stocks of cement, cement board this week, the weighted average rose 8.47 percent, the increase is the largest plate. The financial sector rose 5.1 percent, construction and building materials rose 2.37 percent, iron and steel industry also rose 2.15 percent. However, there are still many plates to a larger decline, of which agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fisheries sector has fallen by 8.78 percent, environmental protection, petroleum, chemical fiber, and so have more than 6 percent decline last week, while the outstanding performance of the plate real estate market also profit-taking The whole week down 2.58 percent.

Analysts believe that the bank’s main stock indexes rebounded across the board, indicating the market may point in 1700 following the formation of long-term capital repeatedly admitted to absorb a further decrease of the space is limited, set out in a row dropped almost in the shadow of last week Eliminate the trading day. Of course, many investors believe the stabilization fund is good news to stimulate, but this is not a good fundamental reasons for the increase, the index rose a real driving force is the inherent value of the investment. If the A shares can jump out of the cycle of external, “at the end of the market” may be just around the corner.