Rug use and collocation method

1. under the General surface of solid wood or marble coffee table, preferably border design blocks blanket. 2. transparent under the coffee table work, proposed to adopt the Middle has patterned tibetan rugs. 3. living room in more than 20 square meters, the tibetan rugs should not be less than 170×230 ©M or 4 square meters. 4. large or there is no Cabinet bed, bed blankets should be placed on the door of one side or both sides of the bed. 5. bedroom bed, bed, can spread on all kinds of tibetan rugs, or leg pressure placed larger specifications of square blanket or blanket, an oval piece of tibetan rugs. 6. the low activity of bedrooms can choose cashmere high high, soft tibetan rugs. 7. blocks tibetan rugs area of not less than the table under the tables. 8. taking into account the children’s naughty active personality, choosing may wish to choose the quality of wear-resistant materials in tibetan rugss. 9. suitable select chemical fibre door convenient cleaning of tibetan rugss, toilet can be placed in front of wide 60 or 80 ©M hallway tibetan rugs.