Shandong Province in 2008 cotton quality testing system reform work of the forum

Shandong Province in 2008 cotton quality testing system reform work of the forum pointed out that Shandong Province to earnestly implement relevant state policies and measures to steadily push forward reform quality cotton, cotton quality testing of the new system has been basically established, the reform achieved significant results.

Shandong Development and Reform Commission on September 26, in Shandong Province Development and Reform Commission, the Quality Supervision Bureau in Shandong Province and the Agricultural Development Bank jointly held in Heze City of Shandong Province in 2008 the province’s cotton quality testing system reform work of the forum, is summed up principal 3 years Shandong Province, cotton quality inspection system reform work experience, analysis of the reform of the existing problems and the situation, in 2008 the deployment of cotton processing industry equipment renovation work. The main contents are as follows:

First, conscientiously implement the relevant national policies and measures to steadily push forward reform quality cotton in Shandong Province

According to the State Council for approval “system of cotton quality testing program,” according to the National Development and Reform Commission’s overall deployment in 2005 in Shandong Province cotton quality testing system reform has entered a phase of the advance. Over the past four years, the change, quality inspection, the Agricultural Development Bank to perform their respective roles, close cooperation, according to September 2004, “the province’s cotton quality testing system reform work conference” to determine the objectives, tasks and the implementation of steps to establish a standardized planning to register , Discount loans, the public prosecution, such as credit management, science and the preparation of the province’s cotton processing industry production equipment five-year renewal and transformation planning, rational distribution of cotton processing capacity, to strengthen the notary test capacity-building, pay close attention to the national credit, discount, such as the seizure of public support The implementation of the policy; cotton processing enterprises to seize the opportunity, and the momentum, the active application processing equipment, upgrading plans, multi-capital financing reform, a group of cotton processing enterprises to complete the upgrading of equipment; Quality cotton reform of the cotton industry Have had a wide impact on society, and promoted Shandong Province, cotton processing industry, textile industry restructuring and industrial upgrading of Shandong Province to speed up economic development pattern has played an important role. In general, Shandong Province, cotton quality testing system proceeded smoothly, showing a “positive guidance, in close co-ordination of the main business of voluntary, safe and reform plans, policies to support tilt” feature of the reforms carried out effective work.

(A) the preparation of the implementation of the province’s cotton processing industry equipment, upgrading the province’s planning and cotton notary laboratory construction and renovation planning. The province’s cotton production, processing industry and demand situation in the layout of the investigations, many provincial departments and municipalities to seek the views of the preparation of the “2005-2009 cotton processing industry in Shandong Province upgrading production equipment planning”, according to the “Incremental development and adjustment of the stock combined with the advanced development of the backward-out combination of enterprise reform and technological transformation of a combination of” the principle of the development of cotton processing industry, the rational distribution of processing capacity, upgrading the province’s total planning for the 400 sets of , Approved by the State. Research produced a notarized the province’s testing laboratory layout planning, construction and environmental laboratories do a good job in transforming and updating equipment, testing equipment, testing the quality of notarization is equipped with information systems, rational distribution of cotton quality, improve the training of technical staff, effective protection of the Instruments of public prosecution work smoothly.

(B) the bottom up, from top to bottom to determine the province’s annual processing equipment transformation plan. In accordance with the “voluntary, bottom-up, top-down” methods and procedures, organization and implementation of “Shandong Province, cotton processing industry production equipment renewal and transformation planning advice (2005-2009),” scientifically and rationally determine the annual transformation Plan. 2005-2008 a total of 271 enterprises across the province into the reform plan, the province accounted for 67.75% of the total number of planning. 2009 municipal reform plan has been submitted to a preliminary summary of about 120, will be issued as soon as possible, annual plans for 2009. Research to develop a “Shandong Province, cotton processing industry production equipment renewal and transformation planning to register with the relevant provisions”, a clear business plan to register need to be reported material, reporting procedures and the extension of renewal and transformation to change the registration requirements, in time for the annual business plan for “planning Proof of registration “, norms, promote the orderly transformation of the cotton business equipment and applications for the Agricultural Development Bank to provide policy-based loans.

(C) the formation of policy efforts to push forward the comprehensive reform of cotton quality. In accordance with the “active and steady, steady, step-by-step implementation of the” principle since 2005, the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission with the fiber Inspection Bureau, the Agricultural Development Bank every year, the province held a forum on cotton quality inspection system reform work, sum up experience , And the annual analysis of the situation in the cotton industry, year after year arrangements for the implementation of the cotton industry upgrading production facilities planning task of transformation, on the national and provincial policies, on-site visit to a typical business model and guide the province’s cotton processing enterprises to standardize the size, industry Direction of development of a smooth transition to a new system of cotton quality.

In planning the layout, the main cotton-producing regions to tilt to the advantage of cotton processing enterprises, merger and restructuring of joint ventures tilt, the strong, positive transformation of high-priority enterprises included in the reform plan, included in the scope of public prosecution, payment of funds to buy; to the positive Transformation of the country to apply for processing loan interest financing to encourage textile enterprises to use big incentive to replace imported cotton, cotton quota, enterprises grow in size and strength advantage; in the acquisition of capital loans, the Agricultural Development Bank system to be included in the province’s cotton processing industry transformation of enterprises planning to complete the Participate in the transformation of the new system to run businesses, the backbone of the cotton business tilt. 2007 total cotton marketing loan transfer more than 40 billion; rational distribution of quality supervision department of public prosecution capacity, the initiative for enterprises to participate in door-to-door inspection to provide notary services to help in a timely manner to guide enterprises to participate in the new system, to run the new standard.

(D) the development of the province’s cotton processing industry equipment upgrading projects and check methods, and strictly in accordance with the new system, new standards regulate the reform of cotton enterprises. In May 2006, the development of the “Shandong Province, cotton processing industry production equipment upgrading project planning details of the inspection,” based on the acceptance of the transformation project, the conditions, procedures, content, materials to make it clear that strict compliance with and implementation. To complete the transformation process equipment projects by the municipal Development and Reform Commission jointly by Qianjian acceptance, the province carried out the necessary checks to ensure that non-aliasing, not false, the acceptance of qualified business loan interest paid on time and money.

(E) the implementation of local matching funds to enhance capacity-building cotton public prosecution. Shandong Province, according to the cotton seized laboratory equipment of public planning, high standards and high quality construction of 11 public and the seizure of cotton laboratory equipment, installed in place 27 HVI, with a total investment of more than 5700 million. The state financial subsidies to more than 1,600 yuan, the provincial financial support subsidies 21,550,000 yuan, in 2008 the provincial matching funds have been identified. At present, the public prosecution capacity of nearly 800,000 tons to meet our province a new system of inspection equipment business.

(Vi) to declare in time for the business loan interest funds, cotton import quotas, the implementation of national policies. National cotton production and processing industry equipment upgrading discount loans to support the implementation of policies to encourage domestic textile enterprises to use big cotton, cotton encourage enterprises upgrading equipment. 2005-2008 a total of 200 sets of 202 have been included in the Shandong Province plans to transform the annual equipment, completed its main production plant equipment and upgrading of enterprises, financial institutions or have been paid or promised payment of credit funds of some enterprises to apply for the funds accumulated loan interest 50,330,000 yuan. In 2008 in which 101 enterprises to invest in recently issued a plan to be 400 tons of large balers and bar code information management system, such as the installation of auxiliary equipment debugging, running, the experience of discount admission after passing the funding in place.

(G) to increase awareness and standardize the market for quality inspection system to create a good environment. Through newspapers, the Internet, conferences, and understand the various forms of paper, and increase efforts to promote policies to enable enterprises to participate fully aware of the importance of reform and the urgency of understanding of the national cotton quality inspection system and policies related to the deployment of provincial specific guide In grasping the overall situation through a voluntary self-renewal and transformation to enhance market competitiveness; increase straighten out the cotton market, and do a good job in the cotton business of the annual review on the basis of the acquisition of roving inspectors to carry out processing season, against a group of undocumented illegal processing enterprises Shandong Province have qualified cotton processing enterprises from 2005’s 890, to reduce the current 736, 154 has been canceled qualification process to clean up the cotton market environment.

Second, the quality of cotton in Shandong Province has been basically established a new system, the reform has achieved remarkable results

Cotton quality testing system reform of China’s cotton circulation system an important part of ensuring the quality of cotton, cotton improve the market system and promote the healthy development of the cotton industry an important measure. By the State Council decided that the cotton quality inspection system by the National Development and Reform Commission, and other seven ministries and organizations, from 2005-2009 in five years to complete the task of reform. Shandong cotton production and consumption as a major province, “the two efforts, a group of two,” We have always been this reform work. : Strive to test the quality of cotton in Shandong Province in the national system go ahead, and strive to use over a period of five years to a new system of cotton quality, build up a pool of domestic and foreign markets in competitive cotton industry leading enterprises and a number of brand-name products.

For more than three years, with the enterprise and enhance the understanding of the implementation of the reform efforts of the increase, Shandong Province, cotton processing enterprises for transformation equipment, coupled with the enthusiasm of notary test improved, the notary test apparatus of the volume of cotton has increased year after year to participate in cotton quality testing system Beginning to show the superiority of the reform of the cotton processing industry to raise the level of technical equipment, quality assurance to strengthen the capacity of cotton resources and financial capital to the advantage of processing enterprises, improve the competitiveness of the market and achieved good economic and social benefits, quality testing of the new cotton To establish the basic institutional reform and the results are remarkable in the following six areas:

(A) the completion of processing equipment upgrading steady increase the number of enterprises and foster a batch of key enterprises of cotton processing and cotton brands. From the transformation of national progress, reform, the national cotton processing enterprises breakthrough in the number of 12,000, of which accreditation through the acquisition of more than 8,000 processing enterprises, processing capacity of 20,000,000 tons. In accordance with the national cotton processing industry production equipment five-year renovation plan, the total transformation of control in 2400 sets. As of June 15, 2008, some 848 cotton processing enterprises to complete 918 production line transformation of big cotton processing capacity of 4,500,000 tons. Shandong Province from the progress of reform, reform, that the province’s total cotton processing enterprises 890, the province’s cotton processing industry upgrading Five-Year Plan sets the target of 400. In 2005-2008 the province has a total of 271 enterprises included in the reform plan, the province accounted for 67.8 percent of the total number of planning. As of June 15, the province has 120 companies completed the task of transformation, the big cotton processing capacity of 550,000 tons. 2005 to complete sets of 35, 2006, 20 sets, 40 sets in 2007. 2008 has completed more than 20 sets. Benefit from preferential policies, guidance, cotton processing industry in Shandong Province every year to speed up the pace of reform, such as cotton Tian Yuan Lu, Saint source, such as cotton transformation of the completion of the first batch of enterprises to create their own brands in the market competition, bigger and stronger, the advantages Show.

(B) test enterprise applications for notary public and seized cotton was a rapid increase in the number of the situation. 14 cotton-producing regions of the country are cotton processing enterprises with public institutions to carry out the seizure of equipment testing, quality cotton has been covering the whole reform. 2005, the National Public seized 70,000 tons of cotton. 2006, the National Cotton 427 public enterprises seized 775,300 tons of cotton. 2005, Shandong Province, there are 9 enterprises cope with notarization of cotton equipment inspection, public FREDERICK volume of 4,820 tons; 2006 22 cotton companies notary 26,000 tons of cotton. 2007 88 enterprises to apply for a new system of public prosecution apparatus, the actual inspection Enterprise 63, by the end of June 2008 has completed testing of equipment volume of 83,000 tons, last year was nearly 4 times. The year 2008 is expected to have 200 enterprises with notarization of cotton testing instruments, the amount of public prosecution will be 15-20 million tons.

(C) of the textile industry made a big step by step to raise awareness of cotton, cotton sales package Chang, a high price. Reform of the early days of China-made textile industry of large bales of cotton a lack of awareness, with the same packages, the public prosecutor’s unfair seizure of a price of cotton processing industry equipment upgrading have a negative impact. In a timely manner to encourage the introduction of the national policy on the purchase of equipment by the notary big test of the cotton textile import quotas business incentives, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the processing enterprises, large bales of cotton textile enterprises have been gradually recognized by more and more willing to use big cotton and completion of the