Shaoxing textile transformation and upgrading of the textile industry transferred out of low-end segments

“Proton-for-bird cage” is not to say that not Shaoxing textile industry, and as such traditional industries of textile, through the transformation and upgrading there is still much room for development, transfer of industry from the textile industry is to shift out of low-end segments.

“Side of power less than 3 cents, more than half cheaper than in Shaoxing, land and labor costs are also low, many.” Zhejiang Yue Hung Holdings Co., Ltd. Jin Quan told reporters that he acquired in 2004, a state-owned Shaanxi Hancheng Cotton Mill, will be putting 120 million yuan after the introduction of advanced production lines to achieve the acquisition of cotton base in situ, in situ processing, and annual production capacity of approximately 6,000 tons of cotton yarn, the supply of specialized groups in the use of Shaoxing textile mill.

Jin said that the extension to the upper reaches of the industrial chain, not only Vietnam Red Group to a wider distribution of resources and avoid the fluctuations in market prices of raw materials risks, the Group also made several subsidiaries in Shaoxing can assure a more technical level high technology spinning into more complex.

“Vietnam Red Group insisted that walking on two legs, in the horizontal plane industries to broaden the same time, we must in the vertical industry chain to make sperm so deep.” Jin Quan told reporters in the first half of 2006, the Group will invest three million yuan to set up Institute of Textile Technology, Inc., which specializes in fabric design, sample analysis, product sampling, large sample production R & D services, the company opened a new development path. At present, the Textile Research Center owns 11 high-level R & D personnel, the development of nearly 100 customers, annual revenues of several million dollars in total.

“To implement the transformation and upgrading of every sum of money invested, have met with the proceeds.” Jin said, they show an annual profit of 3 percent of them devoted to R & D, not only in their own fields at the forefront of textile fabrics, and other companies also cooperation has developed a new material breathable film. This year, breathable film sales will be more than one hundred million yuan.

Shaoxing’s traditional strengths as an industry and leading industries, the textile industry in Shaoxing’s economy accounted for “half.” Through years of development, Shaoxing textile industry has formed by the chemical fiber, weaving, printing and dyeing, clothing and other industries, composed of a complete industrial chain, industrial clusters is very obvious advantage. But in recent years, due to a variety of factors of production constraints, as well as the Shaoxing textile industry itself, some of the structural contradictions, “cluster-based advantages, to upgrade the industry level” is the industry’s most important issues facing the development.

“Shaoxing textile industry should grasp the development direction of ‘two’, that is, R & D and marketing, to gradually reduce the proportion of the textile chain.” Shaoxing City Development and Reform Commission deputy director of the House-Can-Zhong said in an interview, Shaoxing City, made a few years ago “Proton-for-bird cage” strategy, that is, by adjusting the structure, industrial upgrading and other methods to those of excess production capacity, operating an extensive corporate occupied “cage” vacated by the development of occupation, fewer resources, innovation ability, high-tech and high added value industry, and truly promote economic development from the manufacturing to the creative shift from entrepreneurial to the innovative upgrade.

“Shaoxing reduce the proportion of the textile industry will not reduce the industry’s output value, but also to enhance overall competitiveness.” Shaoxing City Mall Fei, deputy director of Economic and Trade Commission said, “Teng cage for birds” is not to say that not Shaoxing textile industry, and is the advantage of Shaoxing textile industry is the foundation of economic development in Shaoxing, firmly the direction of the development of textile industry will not change, “but we must vigorously promote the transformation and upgrading.”

To this end, Shaoxing City, the industry developed a strict access threshold, to guide and promote the transformation of the textile industry to enhance the overall goal is to “quality and reduction of printing and dyeing, weaving and quality control the volume, quality and volume of chemical stability, clothing quality and incremental . ” “These policy signal, many textile enterprises started to take the initiative to upgrade,” said Fei Mall, to encourage textile enterprises in Shaoxing City, between the merger and reorganization, for the withdrawal of enterprises, factories dismantled after moving to allow change of use of land. Especially in Shaoxing Second Link as a result of the implementation of “Proton-for-bird cage” strategy, to be “vacated” more space to the development of the logistics, finance, service outsourcing, personnel training and other modern service industries.

“In the textile industry at the same time enhance the transition, Shaoxing City, but also strong mechanical industries, bigger energy saving and environmental protection industries, pharmaceutical chemical industry so gifted, so refined rice wine industry.” Fei said Mall, Shaoxing City, the “non-spinning industry” has to show a great potential, such as concentrated in the 104 national road along the four photovoltaic enterprises, including raw materials from production to production stoves, crystal pulling, slicing, until wear installed electronic circuits, packaging and other industrial chain enterprises of all kinds, and even also appeared in the use of scrap materials lawn lamp downstream production enterprises. “This emerging industry, in 2007 only 10 million of the scale, in 2008 estimated that up to 30 million, has become an economic transformation and upgrading of Shaoxing killed by a ‘dark horse’.” Mall flying excitement.

“The government sector is to do individual enterprises can not do things.” Shaoxing Mayor money Jianmin said that the upgrading of the textile industry development, the need to build a wide range of public service platform, providing professional services. To this end, the city government to support the establishment of Shaoxing of Zhejiang Textile Institute of Science and Technology, China Textile Institute and the southern branch of Shaoxing textile Cotrun technology research centers, institutions, and vigorously develop and expand R & D, product design, testing inspection, exhibition, logistics and other modern the service sector.

In order to attract college students to employment venture, Shaoxing, Shaoxing specialized talent apartment building, the first year only 30% of the rent. “Here, even the air-conditioning, broadband has,can stay. Such a talent apartments, single in the urban areas there are 3,000 units, only rented out to work in the enterprise personnel, equivalent to helping enterprises.” Floor, said Zhong-Can With the continuous improvement of public services, Shaoxing City, the pace of economic restructuring will be towards faster and more robust.