Sheng chemical fiber (12.14) market prices of dynamic differential fiber

Cation of differentiation silk market barely stable, very small changes in price movements, POY50D/48F stability in the market price of 9200 yuan / ton. Although the CDP slice of domestic prices Pan Sheng, currently accepted buyout bid prices for the short to 6900 yuan / T, but the lower reaches of procurement appears to be general. Cation is expected to silk market in the near future or in the main disk. Polyester / polyester composite wire market prices continued to show steady momentum, trading volume fell slightly. Price stability in the island composite wire, 105D can be sold. Composite wire shortly after the island is expected to remain the stability of the market now. Di Jin composite wire lack of market demand, lower prices. Mainly to the lower reaches of weak sales of related products, prices in the near future Dijin composite wire or mainly Ruoshi.