SHENLONG blanket industry: rapid response in place to pour Order

Domestic carpet industry to face growing competition, Shandong SHENLONG carpet industry, the seat of government to guide the company for the company to change a single mode of production of handmade carpets, the new manual on imitation woven carpet project. Since the second half of 2008, the company take full advantage of value-added tax in transition countries, duty-free imports of equipment and other preferential policies, guide enterprises to update their equipment, optimize the process, upgrade products, a substantial increase in technological transformation. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, their process with the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Shandong Academy of Fine Arts and other technology more than 20 by the process of domestic institutions to conduct joint development of new products and become a technology of Shandong Academy of Fine Arts students practice base. It is understood that the company’s R & D imitation hand woven carpet mercerizing technology, the world’s carpet to fill a gap in technology; Dragon Jubilee Chinese woven Tibetan rug making process by the National Invention Patent, long process Jubilee Chinese woven carpets such as 200 patterns by the National Design Patent, becoming the Imperial Palace carpet Members formulate national standards unit, the company production line of weaving the two perennial American businessmen were “underwriting”; company has developed a woven Persian carpets, Oriental, modern woven carpets Handmade Series Six imitation hand-woven carpets, color, more than 1000 specifications, favored by domestic and foreign merchants. At present, the company’s orders have been scheduled in August this year.