So that high-tech textile enterprises have bid farewell to the “pollution”

Speaking of Zhejiang’s high-polluting industries, ranking the forefront of the textile industry. Wash yarn, dyeing and printing processes, such as multi-channel, the need to use a lot of water, coal, emissions containing nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants harm to the environment. Mid-levels in regulation, Chongsian Yuhang district in the town’s attitude is very clear along the 320 national highway, high-pollution enterprises closed down or relocated as a whole. However, the textile industry has given a “green light.” That’s not in the open back door: high-tech so that the textile industry said goodbye to the “pollution.”

Let the air with a soft cloth more

To become a soft cloth, yarn washing process is essential. The traditional process, the cloth into the machine, adding a large number of water softener and rolling, and then drying machines. However, the textile yarn of the car wash business, not to wet the ground, but no dryer.

Through the transparent glass machine, two rolls of fabric through the car round the size of the pipe and out a round, with no mechanical movement as a whole Tawu.

“Round metal objects inside the tube. Gauze through the time of entry into the air, squeezed by the metal objects, gauze becomes soft.” Textile enterprises Yang Lin Shan, the machine is the soft flow processor, known as air Wash yarn.

Get it clean, “immunity”

Air yarn imports washing machines in Italy, 2,000,000 yuan. The ordinary washing machine to wash yarn as long as 10,000 yuan.

Yang said, before buying, he hesitated, one can be scared, not at a loss. “One day the original yarn 16,000 Wash Kalahari, to 500 tons of water needed after coal-fired heating and drying.” Now, do not have to use non-drying, one could save 168,000 tons of water, 8,000 tons of coal, And do not have to spend a lot of money for sewage treatment. “More importantly, the hour is to wash the yarn is the original 2 times the fabric feels softer, more per meter can sell 2 yuan.”

A final count, the two will be able to recover the cost.

High-tech, low-pollution, so that the improvement in the textile industry has been “immunity.”

The development of laws and regulations removal of the high polluting industries

Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau, Zhejiang Province, is not only a major textile, chemical industry or, polluting industries such as paper-making industry concentration of one of the provinces. In the new round of environmental protection, these industries would like to expand the development of Zhejiang, we must reduce emissions. Otherwise, new projects can not be environmental protection examination and approval.

At present, Zhejiang has introduced a number of industry emission laws and regulations in the countries on the basis of the emissions and improve emissions standards for new enterprises and projects to improve access standards. If you can not adapt to the relevant provisions of these enterprises will not be able to survive in Zhejiang.