So that the international financial crisis in the global economy slipped into a channel

From Wall Street spread to the international financial crisis so that the global economy slipped into a channel. The crisis will also be radiation outside the United States to other countries and developing countries. Fortunately, China’s foreign trade development of the inflection point is not obvious. Horizontal than the existing export growth is not too bad, foreign trade is still the normal range of operation. The latest Customs figures: China’s imports in September rose 21.3 percent, exports grew 21.5 percent year-on-year, a surplus of 29,300,000,000 U.S. dollars to a new record high, much higher than market expectations of 24,500,000,000 U.S. dollars.

Many economists believe that China’s economy and the U.S. economy fundamentally different, because the high rate of deposits in China and residents of the United States savings rate is negative; it should be said that China’s economy is not fully open economy. As a result, the international financial crisis on China’s economic development, the impact is relatively small. Response is needed, but it did not need to over-stretched. China’s main export products are necessities of life, spending more rigid, so that the U.S. economy would not necessarily lead to decline in China’s export drop.

Despite the emerging markets open up, raise export prices, improve the competitiveness of enterprises in such areas as China’s exports is still room, but experts also pointed out that China’s rapid economic growth will be very difficult for the fast-growing demand for external support. In order to ensure a smooth growth of national economy, the Chinese government to pass an effective means to stimulate domestic demand, consumption and investment and higher growth of exports Chongjing decline.

Or from the export-based economy into a domestic demand-based economy

Many experts believe that from the industry, some sectors of China’s export growth rate slowed down because of our products in international market has accounted for a high share, there are 774 kinds of manufactured goods exports in the world, Toys and the like product “Made in China” share has been as high as 80% -90%. In any case, the incentives to increase exports, and exports of these industries expect to maintain double-digit volume growth continues to be in vain.

Analysis of the industry, external demand will become a driving force for China to speed up the adjustment of industrial structure. Stimulating domestic demand and reduce external dependence is a big country as China’s inevitable choice. To expand consumer demand, which is a need to increase people’s income, improve the consumption power. Close relationship between consumption and investment, consumption will drive the expansion of investment, investment will increase in the consumption-led. Investment can not only rely on the government to increase investment to increase private investment, which requires financial support on tax policy, the need to relax restrictions, to break the monopoly of state-owned enterprises, and create a favorable investment environment in order to facilitate the development of the private sector. At the same time, monetary policy should be more flexible and increase support for small and medium enterprises.

August retail sales nationwide rose 23.2 percent, growth is still ranked the second highest point in history. Recently, the central bank lifted interest tax, so that measures conducive to the public directly increase people’s disposable income, consumption of a certain degree of stimulus, and the rate cut to stimulate investment, will directly stimulate consumption.

In the current situation, governments and enterprises can work together to expand domestic demand is very important. From the international environment, to analyze the international economic well in the short term is unlikely, while the domestic population of 1.3 billion is a huge consumer market, as long as the development of this market, China’s economy would not be difficult to continue to prosper. Wuhan University of Science and Technology of the Securities Institute Professor Dong Dengxin said that China’s economic development should focus on building its own market. To use this opportunity to change the economic structure from the export-based economy into a domestic demand-based economy.

Export business vision aimed at the domestic market

There are indications in the past decade, China has more than 300,000,000 poverty, increase the purchasing power of many. The survey also revealed that related to a trend: more Chinese enterprises will have to switch their attention back to the domestic market, resulting in a number of influential brands, such as Li Ning, Dr Super Star, as well, including Chery Many of the auto brands, and so on. In the industry have pointed out that China’s economy if more attention to the development of the domestic market, China and Chinese enterprises will survive better and better development.

China’s small and medium enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises in developed coastal areas of the market is mainly abroad. Trade protectionism, and various types of frequent anti-dumping cases, the Southeast Asian emerging countries such as the rapid development of the manufacturing sector, the appreciation of the yuan, an increase in the cost of production factors in China weaken the competitive edge. Export business, especially in the textile industry early this year has been great. Recent international financial crisis led to a significant decline in demand, but also will have an impact on the domestic export-oriented environment for the survival of small and medium enterprises, Chinese furniture, textiles, toys and other industries to look more aimed at the domestic market.

Ningbo Development Zone to future import and export companies, for example, had its main export markets in Europe and America to the kitchen, household goods, products such as Bu Zhanguo. Yongcheng in the future to start this year to set up shop in the image of the product, the trade group set up to the market in the Yangtze River Delta as a springboard to the national market. The focus on foreign trade 15 Ningxing years of Ningbo Jinhai plumbing equipment company also recently chosen to Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang and other places to set up sales centers, to prepare vigorously to open up the domestic heating market.

Recently, held in Shanghai Toys, nanqi plastic toy factory in Shantou, Guangdong Chenghai music-dimensional plastic toy factory exhibitors presented, saying that for export out of difficulties, among many toy companies are struggling to save themselves, the way one of the targeted Design new products, and actively expand the domestic market. Fuzhou Co., Ltd. are the mouth of the production of toys in the past, almost all for export, domestic trade into the market this year, and has developed specially for this small flower, my cabin, such as painting Xier dozens of new products, toys, can be expected to blaze a trail A new way out.

China’s furniture industry is the rapid development of the domestic market and international market arising from the rapid expansion. In the domestic market, the people of the increase in disposable income, which China has a huge potential market and the market reality. Hu furniture division, said Yu Qiang, director of marketing, previously done when the export products of a single comparison, only one year left on dozens of products, but when asked to do domestic product line changes more, which requires companies to develop more products In order to meet the needs of the domestic market, it will take some adaptation, “but we are very optimistic about the domestic market.”

The industry believes that despite the huge domestic market, promising, but those who used to be a foreign market, exporters, home to the transition there have been some indications. First of all, the market is not mature enough, a small number of industry competition is still in a state of disorder; Second, how to establish a sound distribution channels, entered circulation in the area is a major problem; In addition, the domestic market did not understand the needs of exporters is also one of the disadvantages.

Adjust the industrial structure is very important

China’s export growth accompanied by a decline in export structure and improve the structure of the enterprise. But many experts, China will not shift immediately from the labor-intensive industries to capital-intensive, technology-intensive industries. There will be a transitional period, will experience the impact of the transition, the first nine months China’s total exports fell by indeed growth, but the mechanical and electrical products export growth has been higher than the growth rate of total exports, 9 months ago, China’s export of machinery and electronic products 617,000,000,000 U.S. dollars, an increase of 24% over the same period accounted for 57.4 percent of the total value of exports of the same period last year to increase 0.8 percentage points. Export growth is mainly reflected in the decline in traditional commodity export growth, particularly in apparel and accessories, plastic products and the like. Mei Xinyu, researcher at the Ministry of Commerce, “to-the-art machinery and electronic products manufacturing industry is dominated China’s economic and social sustainable development, where the lifeblood of the future.”

Many experts believe that the restructuring process, some enterprises out of the market, in a sense it is normal, and structural adjustment at this stage is very important, otherwise prone to large-scale transfer of the manufacturing sector, moved to a more low-cost . Youngor Group in the Office of the Deputy Weicheng, director once said, “The apparel industry’s overall competitiveness of the formation of the overall brand of play is of great significance. Through the mode of production and product changes, and further to reverse the Chinese clothing industry has been low Price competition in the market image of the small profit margins through the production technology level, product type and grade of the wealth of promotion, while maintaining a certain low-end market share based on the industry to continue to use high-quality labor force and technological superiority to develop the ability to be devoted to the development of Up-market.

“The pressure to promote structural adjustment into the driving force of economic restructuring in order to balance the short-term to long-term sustainable growth at the expense through short-term cooling of the economy for the long-term economic prosperity to prepare.” National Development and Reform Commission Chen Dongqi, vice president of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research analysis of the way the international financial crisis under China’s economic development opportunities. In the face of challenges, Li Jian, researcher at the NARL Trade and the Ministry of Commerce said exporters on the one hand, to raise the value-added products and expand profit margins and enhance international competitiveness; on the other hand, should make greater efforts to open up the domestic market.