This week the prospects for the textile industry is not bright

Zhengzhou PTA this week there is still a small decline. TA901 closed at 4418, down 230, the volume continues to enlarge. PTA spot to return to trend down. November 14, PTA price index in fiber from the Nov. 7 of the 5200 yuan / ton slid to 4400 yuan / ton.

Similarly, the lower reaches of the market was at a low ebb. According to the fiber in the price index, and on November 7, November 14 polyester staple fiber fell 400-7000 yuan / ton, down filament slice 600-5700 yuan / ton, down 700 yuan bottle grade chip to 6900 yuan / ton. Data from the CCF, this week Kaiji Shuai stability in the domestic polyester plant in 73% of product inventories began to rise.

Domestic PTA plant capacity to continue to run at about 70%. Hualian Sanxin a set of 600,000 tons PTA plant output will be passed this week, and another 600,000 tons in the late PTA plant also plans to drive; Yi Sheng (Dalian) 1,500,000 tons PTA project is scheduled to start in December. But not always the case, BP Zhuhai PTA set of 600,000 tons has been installed in mid-parking arrangements, the second phase of 900,000 tons device in early December plans to overhaul parking arrangements; Xianglu PTA petrochemical plant operating rate since early November into about 9, Starting in mid-fall gradually to 6 into the vicinity.

Cost, the upper reaches of MX, PX signs appeared to stabilize, but not yet out of the underprivileged. November 13, CFR China / Taiwan para-xylene (PX) LC30-45 days spot price of 589-590 U.S. dollars, than on October 7 rose 4 U.S. dollars / ton. Reference to the cost of formula, the current PTA production costs in 4370 yuan / ton in the vicinity (589.5.5 × 6.8289 × 1.02 × 1.17 × 0.655 +1200 ≈ 4370).

The policy level, on November 12, a State Council executive meeting announced on December 1, 2008, to further improve some of the labor-intensive products, machinery and electronic products and other products have a greater impact of the export tax rebate rate. It has been said, light and textile products will be adjusted in the directory list to occupy an important position. We wait and see, but in view of the previous two did not effectively increase the export tax rebate to stimulate the export of textiles and garments, most of the market is still holding relatively cautious.

On the whole, the prospects for the textile industry is not bright, polyester product supply and demand is still loose, international oil prices did not go down channel. Moreover, in a weak market, the demand is the reason for the rise, and the cost is down. In the context of the above, PTA lack of confidence in the market, is not to say when the market bottom.