08 year statistics of the National Textile Conference will be held

National Textile Industry 2008 annual statistical work will be held on November 19 -21 convened in Nanchang in Jiangxi Province.

Provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions textile (clothing) Association, the Corporation, the textile industry clusters and textile-related businesses and the director of the Office of Statistics staff will attend the meeting. Registration deadline for participants on November 10, 2008.

The meeting will sum up the work of the textile industry statistics, the statistical work in recognition of the advanced collectives and individuals, the textile industry to conduct a comprehensive analysis of statistical data and training, arrangements 2008-2009 annual reports and annual statistics on a regular basis statements of the system, arrangements 2008-2009 annual evaluation of the competitiveness of enterprises Datagram Sent to work in the exchange of experience in statistical work.

The meeting, aimed at better implementation of the national statistical system, for the second national economic census work to lay a good foundation to further advance the statistical work in the textile industry, textile industry to better service.