(10.18 – 10.19) Sheng chemical fiber market dynamics Comments

Weekends, the overall performance of the Polyester market continued to moderate, a popular market in the doldrums, trading volume under-level, general Sheng spinning plant in the production and marketing rate of 50%, silk and Budie with the price still fell.

Species from the trend, the market sale FDY bright silk is currently stable, which, FDY50D/24F some of the better selling products at the same time FDY bright silk 300D over the sale of products are also good, which, FDY50D/24F products are mainly used for Satin fabric production. DTY products 100D/36F, 150D/48F, 75D/36F product sales fair, and other standard varieties are very slow sales, the overall look, DTY products in silk Dan rough outline of a good sales fine denier silk. POY products, goods still go weak, together with the sale of POY is no improvement. At present, spinning plant inventory of pressure in Utah, the whole atmosphere of mutually Polyester wait-and-see market, most of the afternoon that the price will be down.

Cation of the silk market differentiation is not sold, the price of silk is still down. From the trend of variety, compared with sales DTY75D action. Polyester market as a whole, but the current market weakness, CDP slice of domestic prices. Cation silk market outlook is expected to market prices will continue to trend down there. Polyester / polyester composite wire bad market, the largest maker Sheng-down, Di Di composite wire with the price trend is also down. An island composite wire prices changed little, in order to smooth the main price, which, DTY105D/36F × 37 islands composite wire recent large transactions. T / Kam composite wire is not sales, prices down. It is understood that the T / Kam DTY160D composite wire shortly after trading volume there is a sign.

Juzhiqiepian: PTA, MEG prices continued to show weakness trend of decline. Half-light, bright polyester chip prices continue to Pandie, CDP chip, PET bottle chip prices fell. Semi-ray market slicing the spot transaction price of 8,000 yuan / ton in March to acceptance, cash in the general mainstream of 7850 yuan / ton. Slice the spot transaction price of light in the 8100 yuan / ton to three months short, the general mainstream of cash in 7950 yuan / ton. CDP slice the market price of spot transactions in 9500 yuan / ton to six months of acceptance. PET bottle chip market in general to the transaction price of 9500 yuan / T. PET is currently on the market is still strong wait-and-see atmosphere, trading volume is almost stagnant.