2008 China (Shaoxing) industry with new materials was successfully held in Shaoxing

December 2008 4-5, “2008 China (Shaoxing) industry with new materials, technology and market new products Forum” in Shaoxing Keqiao a success. The meeting was chaired by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Information Center, the National Technical Textiles Technology Network hosted by Zhejiang Institute of Modern Textile Industry co. Shaoxing County Deputy Magistrate Lee Ocean, China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, the Secretary-General Lin Zheng and other leaders and experts attended the meeting and addressed from all over the country at the meeting on behalf of the exchange industry, chemical fiber high-performance new materials, new technologies, new product development Progress of the communication of information.

Industrial upgrading, the winter of exposure, “Nuanyang”

By the global financial crisis, China’s chemical fiber industry more serious landslide benefits. According to statistics, the first 8 months of this year, China’s chemical fiber production of 15,930,000 tons, up 3.1% year-on-year growth rate down 15.2 percentage points, the growth rate hit its lowest level since the history of chemical fiber production; 8 months before the chemical fiber industry realized profits of 4,713,000,000 yuan, Year-on-year reduction of 4,197,000,000 yuan, or up 47.1 percent. China Chemical Fiber Industry Association Secretary-General Lin Zheng, the current level of the industry as a whole a strong wait-and-see, but the existing excess production capacity, and functional differentiation is low now lead the bane of the industry downturn. It is projected that Chinese chemical fiber industry in the first half of next year very likely to come up with the negative growth of 09 to be slightly better in the second half of the possible.

China’s chemical fiber industry as a whole, can be said that China’s chemical fiber industry has basically completed the primitive accumulation, chemical fiber industry has been the basic stand of the world’s chemical fiber industry rightful place. In particular since 2001, has for several years ranked first in the world, the world’s largest chemical fiber producers. But by the global financial crisis, the industry’s potential problems or expose them one by one.

First of all, China’s chemical fiber industry in total, but the structure is irrational. With the development of society, from traditional chemical fiber products, taking to the field of decorative and industrial expansion in production and people’s life is playing an increasingly important role. But each year China’s imports of chemical fiber has always been to maintain the total output of chemical fiber in China more than 30% of reason, it is the crux of the problem of irrational structure of the industry, the production of conventional products, many of the high-grade fabric or exports required a new type of synthetic fiber Domestic raw materials can not be met.

Differentiation, and function of low levels. Although the scale of production as the expansion of production increases, China’s chemical fiber industry by the number of benefit-to-change, differentiated, functional fibers are also emerging, according to the statistics, in 2007 the rate of differentiation has risen to 31%. However, developed countries are still well below the 50% level.

From the application of the product, industry, decorative products, chemical fiber in the field of small proportion. With the increase of production, technological progress, China’s chemical fiber cloth has been used to develop non-material used in many areas, non-material in the field of application gradually expand. However, with the United States, Japan and Western Europe in the field of material non-application of 65% to 80% compared to the still wide gap.

Promote the industry with new materials, new product development in China’s chemical fiber industry development top priority, according to the China Chemical Fiber Industry, “11th Five-Year” development plan, high-performance industrial fibers industry restructuring will focus on: strengthening the complex technical, functional finishing technology The overall shape of the development and application of technology to open up the field of product applications; to strengthen the industrial chain integration technology development and applications, from the completion of fiber materials, fiber processing applications to the development of a new industry chain and promote the overall level of industrial upgrading; priority to the development of a new compound into Materials, functional textiles, bio-medical textiles, building materials, new canopy, automotive textiles, high-tech materials such as national defense; to promote home-made equipment and technology. I used to speed up the China-made new materials, new products and promote the development and application of high-performance fiber industrial chain.

“2008 China (Shaoxing) industry with new materials, new products, technology and market forum” to choose in the textile town Keqiao held, the intention is quite obvious. Experts point out that the Forum as a textile powerhouse of Shaoxing, regional economic characteristics, obviously, the textile industry chain, a significant advantage, but in the textile industry with the late start, the development of products for civilian use and industrial supplies proportion of serious disorders, “both” and the problem is precisely for Shaoxing On behalf of the domestic textile industry cluster point. Forum on “pinpoint” on the occasion also pointed out the future direction of the extension of the chemical fiber industry – industry with new materials, new product research and development of China’s chemical fiber industry to reverse the current situation the most urgent task, to the severe winter sent Nuanyang.

Industry, academia, research and technology from the market to break through

The forum invited industry to use the new fiber materials, the production of new products and business representatives, universities, research institutes and intermediary advisory body of scholars and experts, the textile industry with new materials, new products and downstream products and supply chain The chain-related companies, enterprises, distributors, traders and the financial securities industry leaders, experts, professors and professional and technical personnel, “to promote China’s high-tech fiber industry efficient, orderly and healthy development” and to discuss further analysis “Carbon fiber domestic product development progress and problems”, on “Technical Textiles and canopy cover to see the development of high-performance fiber material on the broad prospects,” forward-looking “high-performance PPTA, PPTA and its applications”, “Improve the industrial polyester filament of a number of powerful ideas”, “conductive fibers in smart textiles on the development and application of” a number of emerging technologies and industries with the substantive issues to answer. From the first line of production enterprises to scientific research institutions, from production to market-based operation Forum “industry, academia, research,” the technical characteristics of the market covered.

In the industry adjustment and innovation to “Nuanchun”

In a microcosm of Shaoxing, we have to see if the chemical fiber industry of tomorrow. Shaoxing textile industry has Anchaoyongdong to diversify the products and the development of differentiated, with clothing from the textile industry to use an extension of textiles, woven textiles from the extension of the non-woven textiles from low-technology textile technology to textiles. Shaoxing’s textile industry are positive transformation and industrial upgrading. Industrial use of new materials, new product research and development and upgrading of China’s chemical fiber industry development top priority. Shaoxing County of scientific research units and enterprises have been or are being gradually into the industrial polyester filament, conductive fiber, Kevlar, the single industrial fabrics such as silk canopy industries, Zhejiang Institute of Modern Textile Industry has undertaken to support the national project: a new type of high-strength polyester Silk Industry R & D and industrialization of key technologies.

Enhance the competitiveness of the market calmly deal with challenges

21 international chemical fiber industry in both directions towards the development of chemical fiber to the first conventional large-scale, high-speed, automated, high-quality, multi-species development; second, functional, high-tech, value-added products in order to improve access to higher profits Meet national defense, including military, aerospace, aviation, and other high-tech development needs in the area. As a chemical fiber production and export power, China’s chemical fiber industry should clearly understand that the current domestic chemical fiber industry problems, and actively adjust the industrial structure, research and development in line with the needs of the international chemical fiber products, and to take active measures to deal with. In the issue of environmental protection, ecological environment and sustainable development on the basis of concern from the use of renewable resources, and manufacturing processes are environmentally-friendly and biodegradable end products, and other aspects of China’s chemical fiber industry to promote stable and healthy development.