2008 cotton year study of the situation

According to the Xinhua News Agency Xinhua National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Agriculture, General Administration of Commerce and Industry, General Administration of Quality Supervision, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and the Agricultural Development Bank of seven departments recently held a national teleconference on work in cotton, cotton sum up 2007 , 2008, the annual analysis of the situation of cotton, cotton work of the deployment of the new year.

The meeting held that the year 2007 achieved good results cotton, textile production and exports continue to grow, harvest cotton production, increase farmers income, the cotton market stable, cotton quality inspection system reform to make new progress. The year 2008, China’s cotton output is expected with basically the same as last year, textile production and export growth may slow down the growth in demand for cotton will be reduced, cotton production and demand gap will not be significantly expanded, but taking into account the textile industry Will continue to grow, the demand for cotton in the new year, will continue to grow. The tightening of the international cotton market is expected in the new year may be exacerbated by the international cotton price fluctuations.

It was noted that due to operational difficulties in the textile industry, cotton production costs and new acquisitions in the early cotton farmers may be Hard Trading in a Dream, companies wait-and-see stand-off. For the stability of the cotton market, to protect the interests of cotton growers, cotton textiles to meet the needs of the new year to do a good job in the work of cotton. To promote the objective of China’s cotton production and marketing situation, guide enterprises to actively intervene in the market to buy cotton, cotton farmers sell cotton positive; at all levels of the Agricultural Development Bank to fund the supply of cotton to play the main channel to prevent the emergence of cotton, “Da Baitiao” phenomenon; to give full play to the reserves The role of regulation and control, according to market conditions in a timely manner or throw Shouchu Reserve, the cotton price to maintain the basic stability; to focus on the import of cotton have a good grasp of rhythm, to ensure that domestic cotton sales to maintain market stability and to meet the needs of the textile; industry and commerce, quality inspection departments to strengthen cotton Quality of management and market supervision, standardize the order of cotton circulation; around the cotton farmers should continue to guide enterprises to effectively rule out the possibility of the opposite sex and fiber to ensure the quality of cotton; encourage enterprises to enlarge and strengthen Cotton, and actively explore ways of the cotton industry; to conscientiously implement the already good The introduction of policy measures and make efforts to resolve the textile industry to highlight the difficulties currently facing.

The meeting stressed that to promote cotton quality inspection system, the promotion of China’s cotton processing industry is an urgent need of upgrading, is to improve the competitiveness of cotton textiles is an urgent need is to protect the cotton market stable operation of the urgent need to also control the country’s cotton market is an urgent need . Therefore, in order to further unify their thinking, awareness-raising, planning and accelerating. 2008, the state departments concerned will further reform and perfect the supporting policies to promote a smooth transition from old systems to new, stringent cotton processing industry planning to support the professional development of the cotton warehouse, textile and guide enterprises to actively use the new procurement system, cotton, cotton quality inspection system to ensure that the The smooth progress of work.