2008 First International Trade Fair outcome of the circular economy held in Qingdao

 October 23 to 25, 2008 the first results of the economic cycle of the China International Trade Fair (hereinafter referred to as “through the Fair”) to be held in Qingdao. 31 autonomous regions and municipalities, more than 10 outside the top 500 enterprises and more than 20 foreign chambers of commerce, associations and government agencies for exhibition participants to display the size of nearly 30,000 square meters with 1,200 standard booths. Shandong area with a total area of 300 square meters, ranking first in the participating provinces and cities. Shandong area of the province selected from the 30 participating companies, Binzhou selected four companies: Shandong many new co-wall materials Co., Ltd., Shenyang Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. Fu Long letter, Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Corporation, Shandong, Hong Chi Grain and Oil Company Limited. The exhibition, the city Yangxin Lung Fu Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. to use waste plastic bottles can be made from recycled paper bags of Shandong has become the area as a whole on one of the highlights of the fair.

In recent years, the city further implement the scientific concept of development, to building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society as the goal, vigorously develop circular economy and the industrial cluster of circular economy Demonstration Garden, achieved a remarkable success. At present, the city already has 2 national circular economy pilot demonstration enterprises, focusing on cultivating a provincial park of the economic cycle, 21 provinces focusing on cultivating the cycle of economic enterprises, 3 national environment-friendly enterprises, 9 provinces and environment-friendly enterprises in the city 6 counties to become an all-level or provincial-level ecological demonstration zone pilot. In 2007, the city’s GDP to complete 103,000,000,000 yuan, up 16.9 percent; the realization of large-scale industrial added value of 54.3 billion, an increase of 24.6 percent. 1-8 months of this year, the completion of the city’s local fiscal revenue 4,623,000,000 yuan, up 26.3 percent; industrial added value of 44,228,000,000 yuan, an increase of 16%. The healthy development of various social undertakings, has won the national health city in the country double-support model city with Chinese characteristics and charm of the city, the Chinese model city water and soil conservation of the ecological environment and so on. In the first half of 2008, the city’s GDP energy consumption million 1.16 tons of standard coal, than in 2007 fell 2.87 percent, drop out of the province before the 4, exceeded the target in the first half of the task; the size of more than 10,000 yuan of industrial added value of energy consumption 1.85 tons Of standard coal, than in 2007 fell 5.54 percent; possession of 33 provinces with focus on energy-saving enterprises to 23.22 tons of standard coal, the provincial government issued a year to complete the mission objectives of 171.36 percent, the first section of the energy out of the province 4.

An early start in the economic cycle in our city, with the development of more advanced concepts. Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Corporation after a long-term efforts of the original their own intellectual property rights, an international leader in the level of ammonium sulfate, cement-generation technology, for the first time in the world to achieve a zero waste discharge phosphate and compound fertilizer industry, the State enterprises have become the first pilot cyclical economy, the first batch of national environment-friendly enterprises and national eco-industrial park model. In recent years, and creatively formed a research and development ammonium phosphate, sulphate, co-production of cement, water, “a multi-use water” six high degree of correlation cycle chain of Economy, Trade and Industry to form a structure, the share of co-management of eco-industrial northern Shandong, To become one of the few in the world, with many years of experience in running a successful eco-industrial systems, so that the main products to reduce costs by 30% -50%, out of a low-input, high-yield, low consumption, zero emission, the cycle can be environmentally friendly Road to industrialization, become the development of circular economy pilot of a typical business. The system than Karenbauer international business-to-business model more closely linked than the DuPont model of a greater degree of relevance of the industrial chain.

Lubei enterprise groups to seize the city, Hong Chi grain and oil companies, King of the West Group and a number of typical business cycle of the economy, sum up experience, to promote and continuously in the implementation of the “ecological city” strategy, the development of circular economy to achieve new breakthroughs. The city has developed a “” ecological city “construction plan” and the “northern Shandong coastal area outline for the development of circular economy” to “Lvshuiqingshan first, and then Jinshanyinshan to” give priority to the development of environmental thinking, guide enterprises to jump out of the “first Pollution, after treatment, “to rely on independent innovation bottleneck breakthrough technology, a unique development of circular economy. In the city to speed up the textile and garment industry, the chemical You Yan, cars and engines, parts and components and shipbuilding, aircraft and parts, electronic information, bio-engineering industries, such as the 10 (chain) group focused on supporting the development, through technical innovation and integration, the creation of Closer links between enterprises, the share of industrial symbiosis of ecological industrial chain, so that the industry cycle portfolios, business-cycle production and use of the resources cycle, and gradually expand to a comprehensive utilization of resources for the characteristics of the cycle of Economy, Trade and Industry Cluster.

In different industries among the “Series” and “parallel” constitutes a high degree of correlation of ecological industrial chain, our city is a circular economy mode feature. The new city on the country’s largest power plant ecology – Lubei economic cycle ecological demonstration power plant using sea water to cool, fresh water from sea water desalination plant, after the concentration of sea water temperature row, Salt send to bromine, and salt; slag discharged , To send mixed cement for mixing materials, no ash-building market, reduce pollution and land use; Gypsum gas boiler slag and sulfuric acid used for the production of cement raw materials, the realization of the waste residue, waste water, waste gas and the use of resources, each year Can “eat” out Gypsum, ash 365,000 tons, new sales income of 177,000,000 yuan; sea water cooling technology each year 20,000,000 cubic meters of fresh water conservation, power plant cooling water to send salt salt, shortening the time to brine system, greatly Increased crude salt, bromide production, achieved without waste, waste water, waste gas emissions.

As the second batch of pilot enterprises of the economic cycle, Shandong Co., Ltd. of Hong Chi grain and oil production resulting from whey protein isolate fluid after warm-up, quenched and tempered and sterilization, such as dry enrichment process to produce soybean whey. After drying liquid whey concentrate, the dry matter to the full recovery of condensed water can be used to separation of protein production line in the water re-use as a process, so that not only reduced the use of underground water, sewage and reduced emissions, So that the overall utilization of raw materials reached 99.5 percent more than the product recovery rate reached 99.99 percent, for protein production of the waste recycling industry, industrial development of circular economy has opened a new path.

Yang Fu-long letter the use of chemical fiber in the daily life of common transparent bottles of mineral water, beverage bottles, bottles of cooking oil, after drying, evaporation, filtration and other links, was spun polyester filament. This chemical fiber raw materials, not only can be used to make shopping bags can also be woven into carpets, clothes made. And the use of raw materials, the use of PET bottle scrap polyester filament production costs per ton lower at around 1,000 yuan, you can save 1.5 tons of oil and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 77%. At present, the Fu Lung chemical fiber production in the year of 10,000 tons or so, you can eat about 360,000,000 of used plastic bottles.

At the same depth of industry development, raw materials would be “pressing the net to eat dry”, “closed loop” production, our city is yet another feature of the economic cycle. Wang West Group is a village-run enterprises processing agricultural products and has now reached an annual output of 1,200,000 tons of starch, starch sugar 1,000,000 tons of scale. The companies rely on independent innovation, corn on the in-depth development, so that the procedure on a by-product of change for the next procedure of raw materials, raw materials, the utilization rate of 99% of the total recovery of the product to reach more than 98% of the entire production process waste, Waste water, waste gas under-utilization of the starch business to address pollution problems have been identified as the national environment-friendly enterprises.

Adhere to the city’s economic development in a good speed, energy consumption and eco-environmental protection as a leading cadres at all levels and enterprises responsible for the performance evaluation were an important part of the implementation of strict accountability.Since last year, Binzhou City, has rejected more than 60 heavy pollution, consumption and more investment projects fall, a total of 1,000 pollution control projects, in accordance with the law shutting down polluting enterprises of more than 150. A good environment to attract a large number of high-quality investment projects. Last year, the city’s direct foreign investment reached 252,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 65%; in the city and provincial-level high-tech enterprises to develop 101 industrial output value reached 30,000,000,000 yuan.