Wuxi City in 2009 to increase the annual export rebates more than 5,000 million

Recently, the Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation jointly issued a notice, since November 1, 2008, to raise some of the goods the export tax rebate rate. Yesterday, the city of Wuxi after the Internal Revenue Service estimated that conclusion: the tax refund rate adjustments, is expected to make 2009 the year the city of Wuxi for export tax rebates million increase over 5000.

It is understood that the export tax rebate rate adjustment, mainly related to some of the textiles, clothing, toys, ceramics, plastic products, furniture and so on 35 categories of goods. According to the National Tax department Wuxi Wuxi January-August back in 2008 (free) to declare the tax audit, carried out a statistical calculation. The tax rebate rate of increase in the catalog, Wuxi City, involving a total of 30 major categories of 1792, the city’s export enterprises involved in 1686, involving exports of 2,974,000,000 U.S. dollars.

According to the new and old tax rebate rate differential is estimated that this year is expected to increase export tax 54,029,000 yuan. At the same time, but the tax department said that because the export tax rebate to declare the existence of hysteresis, so the impact will be more apparent in the next year. It is reported that Wuxi affected by the impact of the tax rebate rate of 10 categories of goods include: Knitted and crocheted garments and so on, non-knitted or crocheted garments and so on, and plastic products, furniture; bedding, Mattress, sleeping bags and similar products filled, ceramic products, textiles and other manufactured products, and so on, cotton yarn, woven cotton, chemical fiber staple, crochet knits and fabrics, such as coating of industrial textiles.