Once again raised the export tax rebate rate of textile enterprises profit

From the Internal Revenue Service informed the city yesterday, from November 1, part of the labor-intensive and high-tech and high value-added goods, the export tax rebate rate will be raised again, the city will make policy-related enterprises, in particular, part of the Home Direct corporate profits.

It is understood that the export tax rebate rate adjustment related to Chapter 35 of goods 3486, the city is the main benefit of the textile industry and an electric drill. The textile export tax rebate rate increase to cover almost the entire city of textile production of all products, part of the enterprise product export tax rebate rate from 13% to 14%, home textiles, such as Yun Bo, Yao Xin Textile, Ben foreign textiles, Acer all textile and so on; part of the business part of the export tax rebate rate of products from 11% to 14% on. So far, the city has a qualified textile export enterprises have 76 1-Oct export sales value of nearly 510,000,000 yuan, November-December is expected to achieve export sales worth nearly 160,000,000 yuan, tax policy adjustments to the house in the city Textile industry November-December direct cost close to 3,000,000 yuan. An electric drill industry export tax rebate rate of 9% to 11% of the beneficiaries of Hangzhou Jinxi Tools Co., Ltd., the year alone is expected to be a direct cost nearly 400,000 yuan.

According to an official from the city of Internal Revenue, the tax rate increase will help slow the export of textile industry is facing pressure to ease the tight monetary policy to the part of the business brought about by the pressure of a shortage of funds. In fact, the export tax rebate rate of increase, equivalent to the “send” to the textile enterprises 1% -2% of the profits. This is part of our city’s small and medium-sized textile enterprises will no doubt be a timely help.

But the officials, who frankly admitted that, although the new policy will help enterprises reduce the pressure on the industry to improve profitability, but the troubled textile and garment industry in the development of multiple factors difficult to change a certain period of time, it will not raise the export tax rebate rate and the elimination of. He therefore suggested that the business further adjust and optimize the export structure, by enhancing the quality, brand creation to quickly improve their own competitiveness and market share. At the same time reduce the production, circulation costs, taken in combination sales approach to increase the proportion of domestic sales, and actively explore the domestic and foreign markets.