2008 Gansu ‘SG Silk Road’ total solar eclipse observation Tourism Festival

August 1, 2008, in Beijing on the eve of the Olympic played the drum, in northwest China’s vast hinterland, in the legendary romance and charm of the ancient Silk Road, will be staged this year, the most spectacular, moving spirits of the rare wonders of Sky — Total solar eclipse. The total solar eclipse with just and well-known tourist routes – the Silk Road Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province section of the reunion, along the Hexi Corridor in Gansu Province at the same time observation zone around the scarce rainfall, less populated, the number of domestic and international astronomical observatory body to determine the authority of the silk road, Gansu Hexi Corridor for this section of the world’s total solar eclipse observed the activities of the best areas in Jiuquan, Jiayuguan city for the observation of the world’s best cities.

By then, Gansu Provincial Tourism Bureau, the Beijing Planetarium and the Association for Science and Technology of Gansu Province, and other relevant departments jointly sponsored the “2008 Gansu ‘SG Silk Road’ total solar eclipse observation Tourism Festival.” Total solar eclipse observation Tourism Festival amateur astronomers, including “Star of the General Assembly”, the first international “Friends of the eclipse of” popular science forum of the International Symposium on solar eclipse, the total solar eclipse observation, astronomy, science publicity caravan, six major activities such as tourism.

You view the ancient Silk Road journey of a thousand miles a century solar eclipse spectacle

Gansu Province in 2008, “SG Silk Road” total solar eclipse observation Tourism Festival Highlights tourism promotion

Silk Road, Dunhuang Baoku, Jiayuxiongguan, Dune Qi Quan, Ya wonders, Hexi Si Jun, Gu Yan desert, the long process of setting sun, glaciers Xuefeng, a mirage … … All this will be participating in Gansu in 2008, “wire SG Road “total solar eclipse observation Tourism Festival guests at home and abroad for their valuable memory.

Gansu Province in 2008, “SG Silk Road” Tourism total solar eclipse observation during the ceremony, Gansu Province, will travel to guests at home and abroad to participate in activities focused on the recommendation of the Silk Road Hexi Corridor in Gansu travel products such as tourism products. Silk Road is the China National Tourism Administration’s focus on introducing the 9 hot tourist routes, China is also the subject of the most attractive tourist routes. “Gold section of the Silk Road” of Gansu Province, since ancient times is the cultural exchange between East and West, to the Tribute. The ancient Silk Road from east to west throughout the Trans-Gansu, a shaman along the splendid natural and cultural treasures. There are well-known scenic spots Mogao Grottoes, Jiayuguan, Guazhou Yulin Cave, Suoyang Cheng, Jiuquan sites of the Western Han Dynasty, the Jiuquan space city, the largest Buddhist temple in Zhangye, Mati Si, Wuwei Temple, Taiwan, Han Lei, Maijishan, Fuxi Miao; well-known ancient Pass the customs border and customs Yang, stretching over 1,000 kilometers of the Han, Ming Dynasty Great Wall; the Gobi desert, oases, grasslands, glaciers, snow-capped mountains, colorful scene Yadandemao; Kazak, Mongolian, Tujia, as well as unique ethnic Gansu – Yugur Unique ethnic customs attractive. Gansu Silk Road tourism is a through line in the history of the Silk Road of the best travel routes, but also full of an exotic folk customs tourism line, it is a view of the Gobi desert, glacier Xuefeng, the natural beauty of the forest steppe The scenery tours.

Recommended circuit Tourist visits:

A line: Jiuquan and Jiayuguan – Dunhuang study (3-4 day’s visit).

Line B: Jiayuguan, Jiuquan – Zhangye – Wuwei – Maryland – Tianshui study (5-7 trip).

Line C: Wuwei, Zhangye – Jiuquan – Jiayuguan – Dunhuang study (4-6 trip).

D line: Kim Chang – Badain Jaran Desert – Ejina Banner – Jiuquan (5-7 day trip).

About tourist city

Dunhuang: historical and cultural city, China’s outstanding tourist city. The ancient Silk Road route at the intersection here, the East-West civilizations integrate to form a world-famous Dunhuang culture. World Cultural Heritage – to preserve Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes of the world’s oldest, richest content, the highest artistic value of the murals, sculpture, known as “treasure house of art in the world.” Yang Guan, the two pass Pass has become the visitors search for the historical memory and must visit. Dunhuang desert scenery of the world rarely seen, Mingsha Shan, Sha Quan symbiotic Crescent Moon Spring, thousands of years does not fill the sand-chuen, Sha Shan Ren Tang’s self-ming, a natural wonder. Ya National Geopark is currently the largest wind Ya group of the landscape, natural shape uncanny workmanship, well that is another Department of Dunhuang for the charming natural landscape.

Jiayuguan City: China’s outstanding tourist city, due to the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, the most western Xiongguan best in the world – known for Jiayuguan, the Silk Road has become a must visit in the tourist city. Guan Jiayuguan City in the Ming Dynasty Great Wall is the starting point for the West, as a result of magnificent architecture and “best in the world Xiong Guan”, “Suoyue border,” said the compact layout of the building as a whole, forceful momentum, and are separated by miles of the Shanhaiguan Great Wall across the East starting point. There are more than 1,000 Block Jiayuguan in the Wei and Jin periods of ancient tombs, the Tomb of the indoor murals Muzhuan vivid reproduction of the historical helenahat, China’s largest underground gallery.

Jiuquan: China’s historical and cultural city, China’s outstanding tourist city. More than 2,000 years ago, the Han Dynasty general Hun broke Huoqu Bing large, so as to the officers and men of the gong, it was Yu Jiu Quan Lake, and the officers and men of Gongyin, there was “Jiuquan” in the name. “Remanbar wine grapes,” since ancient times Jiuquan to produce wine and Remanbar known, visited hand Remanbar workshop has become a fixed item of the visit. Jiuquan was China’s famous city, our country is now the only spacecraft launch, the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China’s space to write the history of the 9 impressive in the first.

Zhangye: Gu Chen, “Ganzhou,” Chinese historical and cultural city, China’s outstanding tourist city, the Hexi Corridor is the most fertile oasis, known as the “Golden Zhangye”, “If the snow on the Qilian Mountains, Ganzhou wrong when the Jiangnan” lines . Zhangye large Buddhist temple, the Western Xia Dynasty to the Yuan Dynasty and the Temple of the Royal temple, is said to the birth of Kublai Khan, Temple has the world’s largest indoor Wofo, possession of more than 6,000 volumes out of the royal family Banci gold Buddhist books for the crown of Buddhism; Sunan Mati Si Grottoes unique architectural structure of the world rarely seen, Gansu Nationality unique style even more visitors to wander; Dan Hill Field Fengmao water, since the Western Han Dynasty royal family since Ma is the breeding base, is the world’s oldest, Asia Jun Machang largest.

Wuwei: Gu Chen, “liangzhou” Silk Road was the most important and most prosperous trading markets, historical and cultural cities of China, China Excellent Tourism City. Wuwei many tourist attractions, the Confucian Temple “Longyou Palace ranks first in school,” said the Chinese, Tangut were rare, “dictionary” in Xixia Tablet and the large number of precious historical plaque to preserve intact; tomb unearthed in Taiwan, Lei Tong Juma array size A huge, powerful momentum, particularly in copper gallop to the best of Chinese bronze art, has been designated as China signs tourism; Ladder Grottoes for the originator of Chinese grotto art, the art of Chinese grottoes imaging pioneer.