2009 Chinese textile industry is facing shrinking market demand, such as four problems

On the 26th journalist from the China Textile Industry Association was informed that in 2009 the situation facing the Chinese textile industry should not be too optimistic, there continued to slow production, market demand and the overall effectiveness of declining industry employment continued to shrink, such as the four major problems.


This reporter has learned that in October 2008, November and December month China’s textile industry of industrial added value grew 6.9 percent year-on-year, 6.7% and 5.6%. In the main products, yarn and clothing production to maintain only a single-digit growth, and growth slowed down.


At present, China’s textile exports are still negative trend. November 2008, export delivery value of the growth rate from 2.7 percent growth in October dropped to 3.8 percent, 7.0 percent decline in December, fell further. Among them, the U.S. growth rate of textile and apparel exports have fallen sharply, and 13.38 percentage points year-on-year decline, while exports to the EU affected by the abolition of the quota policy, the growth rate continued to maintain a high growth trend, up 37.33 percentage points improve.