2009 National Textile industry production and management work of the forum held in Jiangxi

In the face of 2007, the state’s macroeconomic policy adjustments and changes in domestic and foreign markets, as well as the 2008 outbreak of the second half of the United States triggered the financial crisis in the global economic turmoil, Nov. 18 China Textile Industry Association held in Jiujiang, Jiangxi, the country’s textile machinery industry Production and management work of the forum.

During the meeting, the Association of Textile Machinery in 2008 on the first three quarters of the textile machinery industry economic sectors as well as issues of concern to the analysis made, the other at the 2008 China International Textile Machinery Exhibition & ITMA Asia exhibition also with the participants to do A summary of the exchange. Analysis and Forecast of the 2009 textile machinery market in 2009, as well as trends in the development of textile machinery industry, the main business activities.