2009 textile trade friction will be the focus of

World Trade Organization Department bureau recently released research report, in 2009 the situation faced by trade friction are analyzed, the report believes that the economic downturn in the global situation, trade protectionism is likely to further exacerbate, China is faced with the situation will be more trade friction grim. The report holds that in 2009, China’s textiles, steel products, machinery and electronic products, light industrial products and other commodities abroad to become the focus of trade protection, will become the focus of trade friction.

A number of countries accused of dumping of China’s steel exports have both subsidies, steel products in recent years a significant increase in cases of trade friction, Hunan province steel, the value of steel, in 2008 LIANGANG have anti-dumping or countervailing cases, and great amounts of money involved.

In addition, China and the United States, the EU signed a textile agreement will expire by the end of 2008, China’s accession to the WTO provisions expired 242, China’s textile export may face anti-dumping, special safeguard measures and other trade remedy measures, textile trade friction may also be a substantial increase in cases . To the United States, Canada, represented by the launching of our products frequently combined anti-dumping and countervailing investigation has become a hot trade friction.