5800 yuan wool carpet sent to wash after 3 months, and other “big Erhualian”

5800 yuan worth of wool carpet into the dry cleaners, washing unexpectedly become a major Erhualian. Yesterday, who lives in Gulou District of Nanjing and Taiwan Ma Street, Miss Zhao’s complaint at the door of the U.S. branch irresponsible dry cleaners, her only one year to wash the wool carpet is not working.

Miss Zhao said that on July 19, wool carpet was wet at home, she sent to the doorstep of the United States branch of the dry cleaners washing, cleaning costs 260 yuan, the same day, Miss Zhao laundry money on the card, The store staff said that you are old customer to take the carpet when payment is required. 10 days later, her clothing was found piled on the carpet on the floor before washing, to press on a.

August 21, Miss Zhao again to the laundry when she discovered that the carpet had not washed, it is a reminder of the reasons, as soon as possible, promised to wash the other side, the commitment to half a month in her home. Also waiting for more than 20 days, have not brought the carpet, she repeated reminders, the store will be a “bad weather, not dry,” I would say “no exposure to dry up”, that is, send carpet. In the meantime, Miss Zhao was also a call to headquarters reflected the laundry Chengdu, the headquarters has had reminders. Until October 15, Miss Zhao was finally back to the carpet. She surprised that the beautiful wool carpets were dry cleaners, washing Erhualian become a big, white-yellow background is not that there are a lot of Meiban, it is difficult to see.

Hard to Miss Zhao’s anger to the carpet industry associations to identify Nanjing Xi Ran, the results of the identification of the dry-cleaning shop bear the main responsibility. Nanjing Xi Ran Industry Association on October 23 to provide “on the carpet of Wang Xi Ran quality expert opinion,” wrote: carpet cleaning after the yellow, moldy, identified as follows: The carpet is moldy carpets, the original In the customer’s home to the water after washing laundry, cleaning and laundry is not in a timely manner, resulting in the carpet place for a long time after the formation of Meiban, laundry can not shirk that responsibility. Yellow carpet because the process of washing the use of the product is not suitable for washing wool carpet cleaning, and not completely dry, resulting in deterioration of wool fibers after the yellow phenomenon.