Acrylic plant adhere to the “not biggest but the best for” development strategy

The face of international financial turmoil, the adverse effects of Daqing Petrochemical Company Acrylic Factory adhere to the “not biggest but the best for” development strategy, take a differentiated, high value-added market road in 2008, producing 61,550 tons of acrylic yarn, overall energy consumption dropped to 987.66 kilograms standard oil / ton, the new product differentiation rate of 22.98 percent, the production of acrylic device is always in a safe, high-quality orbit.

2008 domestic acrylic fiber business is unusual for one year, some enterprises find themselves in financial difficulties. It is learned that the sharp drop in demand, Anqing Acrylic Fiber Plant to stop a production line, production last year’s plan is only 8000 tons; Shanghai Acrylic enterprise production costs due to higher acrylic top this year, ready to withdraw from the market; Feng Qi Jilin Chemical Fiber Plant output by 250,000 tons down to 100,000 tons; Shandong Qilu Petrochemical production by half, some devices or even stop production. Faced with a higher operating pressure, and Daqing Petrochemical Corporation acrylic advance decision-making factory, in search of business opportunities, embarking on a “not to do the most, but to the best” path.

Forging technology industry chain. Acrylic Factory adhere to the “joint institutions of higher learning, independent research and development,” the principle of walking on two legs, the development of market capacity, and high value-added differentiation acrylic. The plant has an annual output of 500 tons of acrylic to use new products in test research and development base, comprehensive practice of “science and technology to build brands,” the development of ideas, one after another in 2008 to develop ultra-white fibers, fine denier acrylic, acrylic anti-bacterial, anti-pilling, flat series such as new varieties of acrylic to enhance the rate of new product differentiation. In particular the development of this factory Anti-pilling Acrylic products, last year the national patent for future high-end enterprise to seize the domestic market, has created good conditions. In the future market competition, through which the role of scientific research bases of incubation, the plant will be new products Acrylic maintain a superior position.

Information technology to promote industrialization. At present, China’s enterprises have not yet established Acrylic efficient marketing associations, led to new products and downstream acrylic textile enterprises difficult to combine fast.

The plant sales staff often with domestic fixed users and enhance the understanding of the upstream and downstream enterprises of the new products. At present, the factory has been set up with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Guangdong, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and other business contacts to the user system, users regularly visited to obtain information first-hand users, an increase of production targeted for the new products with low cost to enter the market, cultivating series products has paved the way.

Quality and energy management innovation. In order to ensure the long-period stability of device production, acrylic plant launched five early-warning mechanisms, technical staff developed a polymerization, spinning, recycling and other production devices running chain security program, from the operating staff to the director of the establishment of five levels of production fluctuations in reporting system , that “operatives on the squad leader is responsible for, the squad leader in charge of the workshop, the workshop is responsible for production scheduling, production scheduling for the chief engineer in charge, Chief Engineer of the director responsible for” management methods, a clear responsibility to enhance the management performance. Since the beginning of 2008, the plant with no unplanned downtime, and fundamentally improve the quality of new products, acrylic excellent product rate increased to reach 93.55%, enterprise product market reputation gradually increased, Kunlun across acrylic license.