Actively adjust the structure of stability and novelty wool textile industry in transition

2008, in the first half of macroeconomic policy adjustment and the second half of the international financial crisis, China’s wool textile industry to take measures to cope with, to maintain low production and sales growth, operating quality and economic benefits the industry basically stable.


Since 2008, because of the continued appreciation of Renminbi, the consumer price index remained high, as well as the cost of raw materials prices and tight monetary policy to the enterprise production and operation is extremely difficult. Slowdown in world economic growth, especially in the United States economic recession, the export enterprises also have a negative impact. In such a grim situation, China’s wool textile industry has achieved steady growth of production, a good basic balance between production and marketing score.


Technological innovation to support the stable development of the industry


2008 1 ~ 11 month, wool textile industry for more than 3769 scale enterprises realized a total profit of 8.64 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3%. 2008 1 ~ 11 month wool textile enterprises above designated size, wool knitting and wool products, respectively, year-on-year growth in domestic output value of 11.2%, 12.6% and 13.6%. 2008, in the domestic textile industry are experiencing serious difficulties in the grim situation, China’s wool textile industry has achieved such a good score. What makes wool textile industry in the face of adversity can achieve stable development of Chinese wool textile industry Association PENG Li told, “Textile and Apparel Weekly” reporter, technological innovation has played a significant supporting role.


2008, China’s wool textile enterprises except by domestic macro-policy adjustment, the international financial crisis, but also experienced greater volatility of raw material prices, the challenges, many small and medium-sized enterprises, especially the wool textile raw materials to control the bargaining power of lower, non-own brand production of small and medium-sized faces, the danger of collapse. Under such circumstances, our country has a lot of fine wool textile enterprises to adjust the structure of a timely, positive transformation, emphasis on product development, focus on technological progress, focus on innovation, has taken positive measures to cope with or avoid risks, and stable development of the whole industry has played a supporting role.


PENG Li said, Jiangsu Sunshine Group, in such a grim situation, although the prices of their export products dropped, but through continuous introduction of new products, the Order has not been reduced. Erdos Group also attaches great importance to the development of high value-added products, in recent years by virtue of its unique high-tech patented technology, the Ordos cashmere sweater cashmere on the market has become the darling of consumer goods. Shandong Ruyi Group, Nanshan Group and Jiangsu on brand building, etc. have been made in good grade, they put fabric and clothing combined, put the production and sale of combining the use of relatively new marketing models to attract consumers to their own Products developed into the eyes of the public brand names.


At the annual China Textile Industry Association Award in the scientific and technological progress, from Shandong Jining Ruyi Woolen Textile Co., Ltd., Wuhan Institute of Technology shared the “very fine wool processing of ultra-thin fabric of the key technology industries” project won the 2008 Chinese Textile Industry Association of Science and Technology Award first prize. The project’s key technology – embedded composite spinning technology (tentative name), in cotton and other fields to expand the application be successful, the use of the technology not only to break the current limit of spinning, spinning out more than 400 British branch of the cotton yarn and public support of more than 300 yarn, and greatly improving the grade of products and value-added. The technology has broad applicability, can be used for a variety of fiber spinning processing. Is often difficult for the shorter fiber spinning or not enough strength fibers can be processed using this method, which greatly broadens the scope of textile materials, while the technology can be used raw materials with low absorption of high-spun yarn, implementation of resources take full advantage of and optimize the use of product upgrades for the textile industry and sustainable development of great significance. At the same time, from Shandong Nanshan Textile Garments Co., Ltd. and Yantai Nanshan Development Institute “180S / 2 high-technology ultra-thin wool product development”, the China Textile Institute of Science and Technology and the China Textile Chemical Co., Ltd. developed “low-temperature dyeing of wool textile technology promotion of research and industrialization “and other projects were also winning.


In recent years, the innovative semi-worsted wool spinning technology not only extends the semi-worsted technology applications, has enriched the varieties of textile products, but also promoted the wool knitting, wool textile products in the development of varieties. October 2008, the last two with the China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association to convene a national semi-worsted wool innovative technical workshop on the basis of Chinese Wool Textile Industry Association also organized the Third National innovative semi-fine wool Salisbury technical workshop, the workshop focused on further upgrading semi-worsted wool spinning technology, continuously improving the technology and equipment, improve equipment on intelligence, which fully shows that the technology has begun the production process specific to the technical level, marking the original Chinese wool textile technology – semi-worsted technology is gradually maturing.


Running basic stability of the industry


According to statistics, since 2004, China’s production of wool yarn is relatively sluggish, slow decline in production year after year, while in 2008 the overall 1 ~ 11 per month flat with a year earlier. Woolen manufacturing industry maintained a growth momentum in 2008 a total of 1 ~ 11 month grew 6.6 percent, higher than the previous year the growth rate 3.49 percentage points.


Benefits from the industry perspective, 2008 1 ~ 11 month, 3769 total of above-scale enterprises realized a total profit of 8.64 billion yuan, up 10.3% year-over-year increase of 13 percentage points decline; loss-making enterprises amounted to 1.07 billion loss, an increase of 2.2% over the previous year an increase of 33 percentage points, a loss of face to reach 21%.


Analysis of the results from the sub-industry perspective, the proportion of gross domestic textile industry because of high export relatively small impact, capital efficiency of the smooth functioning. 2008 1 ~ 11 months, more than 1433 gross scale textile enterprises realized main business income of 131.5 billion yuan, up 12.8%; total profit of 5.66 billion yuan, an increase of 4.5 billion (+8.6%). Wool knitting industry export share of high export prices much lower than domestic prices, the rise in factor costs and the impact of the RMB exchange rate and other factors, effectiveness fell significantly. 2008 1 ~ 11 months, more than 2042 wool knitted scale enterprises the main business income of 90 billion yuan, up 12.3%; total profit of 2.56 billion yuan, up 260 million yuan lower (-9.2%). Wool products industry has a relatively high proportion of export, but exports lower-grade, enterprise relatively extensive. 2008 1 ~ 11 months, more than 294 wool products scale enterprises achieve the main business income of 14.2 billion year-on-year growth of 15.2 percent continue; total profit than the same period last year increased by 0.8 billion (+24.1%).


From the sales perspective, 2008 1 ~ 11 month above gross scale textiles, knitting wool and wool products, respectively, year-on-year growth in domestic output value of 11.2%, 12.6% and 13.6%, but compared with the previous year the growth rate dropped separately 3.8,11.4, 3.1 percentage points. 1 ~ 11 month observation of the major wool textile products in the domestic market situation, the national focus on large-scale department stores and sweater cashmere sweater sales fell 1.1 percent, are rarely seen in a negative growth in recent years, especially in the original period for gold sales in February, May and 10-month, year-on-year fell 6.6%, 5.8% and 15.7%, the domestic situation of the development is not optimistic. PENG Li said, largely because of Europe, the United States and other major wool knitwear to shrink the impact of the consumer market, much to export-oriented processing enterprises, such as Ordos, Tianshan Wool Textile, etc. to expand the proportion of domestic sales, which prompted the domestic market competition white-hot. Exports is also very optimistic about 2008 1 ~ 11 month, wool textile industry export delivery value of the same period last year fell by 3.3% (-7.9%), knitting wool and hair growth products exports down separately 4.0,7.3 percentage points.


Differentiation operators insist reasonable to open up domestic


When talking about the situation in 2009 when Li PENG think, by Europe, the United States and other major consumer market, the impact of shrinking, many companies are expanding the domestic share of the domestic market this will lead to intensified competition, which the market is not strong, not at pre – formed its own characteristics of small and medium enterprises will further increase pressure. She suggested that enterprises should be sold at many markets on brains, differences persist in operation. At the bottom of the development of the industry, entrepreneurs must be careful investment, expand production scale is not arbitrary, elongated front, efforts should be made to grasp the main lines of business, increase income and reduce expenditure.


PENG Li said that in 2009, with the international financial crisis further show, is expected to wool fabrics and wool yarn exports will continue to show declining trend, carpets and blankets product growth will also slow down, wool knitwear and woven wool garment export slowdown. Faced with this grim situation, the enterprise should the crisis into opportunities, strengthen confidence, timely promoting industrial restructuring, accelerate industrial upgrading, the only way to become invincible.


Services at the Association, in order to encourage more enterprises to implement brand strategy, improve the market competitiveness of Chinese wool textile industry associations will also continue to organize high-quality products nationwide worsted woolen recommend activities and gross national products of quality knitwear recommend activities, take part in the international wool textile group 78 Annual Conference of the Organization, as well as the promotion of pure cashmere signs start work.


2008 Chinese wool textile industry Memorabilia


January 8, the first of cashmere products in Ningxia auction held in Ningxia’s Tongxin. The auction, all 125 tons products make, with a total turnover of 84.36 million yuan. From Zhejiang Ningbo Ltd. Beijing Joint wool to 662,000 yuan per ton price of competing by concentric Sea Company Cashmere carding 20 tons of Castle Peak cashmere, the cashmere industry achieve a breakthrough transaction.


April 13 ~ 16, by the Chinese wool textile industry associations hosted by the International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) 77th session of the General Assembly was held in Beijing. IWTO Chairman Gnther Beier think wool’s environmentally friendly image for the wool industry in the future of great significance. China Textile Industry Association Du Yuzhou attend the General Assembly, meeting him, “wool – environment-friendly fiber,” spoke highly of the subject, consider their grasp of the world wool textile industry to a new prosperity.


October 15, 2008, the National Wool knitwear boutique famous Activity recommend a total of 51 selected products (sets), 72 high-quality products (sets), and selected from the boutique in the “Annual Award for outstanding creative design,” 6, Beijing Erdos Wool Products Co., Ltd., Beijing Xuelian winning fashion Textile Co., Ltd..


October 15, 2008 National worsted woolen products famous Activity recommend a total of 28 selected products, 54 products and 28 products in selected Best of Innovations Award 5, the best product award 2, Shandong Ruyi Technology Group Ltd., Lanzhou Sanmao Industrial Company, Ltd. and other winning.


October 26, the National Standardization Technical Committee textiles worsted points at the inaugural meeting of the Technical Committee of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, Ltd. held. Worsted first sub-technical committee by the two consultants and 35 members, the secretariat to undertake units of Jiangsu Sunshine Group, Ltd., Jiangsu Province Quality and Technical Supervision is responsible for day-to-day management, the China Textile Industry Association, through the National Standardization Technical textiles Committee is responsible for the project and approval of their standard business guidance.


October 9, by the China Wool Textile Industry Association and China Textile Machinery Equipment Industry Association held its third national semi-worsted wool innovative technology workshop. Participants on how to enhance the semi-worsted wool spinning skills, improve technology and equipment, as well as R & D more and better wool worsted yarn semi-finished products for a positive discussion. Semi-worsted technology has begun to discuss the production process specific to the technical level, marking the original Chinese wool textile technology – semi-worsted technology is gradually maturing.


In 2008, the domestic market price volatility of Australian Wool intense. From Nanjing wool market news, October 21, wool auction index fell to 771 O / kg, and compared to October 17 fell by 68 O / kg, a decrease of 8.1%, U.S. prices fell 50 cents / kg, equivalent to RMB per ton decline for more than 3000 yuan. 1 ~ 8 month in eastern Australia wool market index fell 200 points O / kg, is the second in 2003, “atypical pneumonia” after once again the most