Agricultural Development Bank Headquarters has issued a loan program to purchase development of a notice of cotton textiles

To perform effectively to ensure their basic duty to the purchase of grain and cotton for the acquisition of credit financing and administration is not a major problem & # xe8; me, and strengthen you Liangmian this kind of quasi-policy loans by buying grain and cotton loans, management, and the Agricultural Development Bank Head Office D recently the “Regulations on the theme” China Agricultural Development Bank of grain purchase plan loan and China Agricultural Development Bank of plan the purchase of cotton ready “notice” (the “Notice”). “Instructions to understand” is needed at all levels, the quasi-political line of the size of the loan. This step, quasi-politics are about the extent of credit based business: first, self-supporting food businesses on the purchase price of wheat, rice, maize, soybeans, corn and four kinds of personal loans to supplement food tent, 2 is to support the grain companies to buy their own rape prices, peanut varieties released two loans fü , r purchase of oil, three acquisitions in support of loan cotton Cotton Cotton award. “Notice”, stressed that the administration of the quasi-loans and other policies, the management of commercial loans. In prepared to take appropriate measures to mitigate risks to ensure the existence of a reasonable risk of cr & # xe9; said. TOE is in operation, the orientation of policy loans oils make a clear distinction between the actual situation. The provision of funds, quasi-loans policy, funds and loan programs as a priority the assurance that the acquisitions smoothly. It is reported that after the opening Liangmian you buy the market, because of the different types of acquired companies operated independently self-financing, business losses due to credit risk from the Agricultural Development Bank of himself. To this end, the Agricultural Development Bank has Liangmian buy loans in business management. However, the implementation of the location, ceremonial support for the Agricultural Development Bank of the State Council, provided, ales and buyers of heavy cotton, especially in grain and cotton market-oriented reforms, the credit policy of the Bank of d & ; # xe9; agricultural development Liangmian you buy a very long period must have the implementation of the national macro-control based on policies for protecting the interests of farmers to ensure that no problems Buy the principle of operation and management of treatment may not be supplemented in accordance with the operation of commercial loans. Therefore, the Agricultural Development Bank open grain and market conditions, the supply of cotton to ensure the proper purchase, with corn and cotton, there is no regional “Mailiang, Sales Cotton will be difficult given “, and to support the acquisition of companies Liangmian ing the supply of loans that are treated as quasi-policy based on operational lending is an objective necessity and also fulfill the basic functions of the Agricultural Development Bank of necessity. Read suiteCatégorie: See Standard category Comments