Anhui cotton progress sell less than 50%

Recently, Anhui in the east of the fine weather, seed cotton have been picked over, but progress sell less than 50%, mainly due to the cost of cotton this year is about 1.5 times last year, but Kai Cheng price lower than the same period last year, and Self-Kai Cheng, seed cotton prices are low, much lower than the expected psychological cotton, cotton growers led to serious psychological Hard Trading in a Dream.

According to a local cotton growers, cotton this year, his home area of 4 hectares, the same as last year, the per-mu yield in cotton last year, about 650 jin, to 3.20 yuan / jin selling price of all, remove all the charges, net profit in 1000 yuan / mu. However, six or seven months of this year due to weather, frequent rain, caused by the spread of pests so that the seed cotton yield, seed cotton per mu, only about 350 jin, and the highest price the market is only 2.30 yuan / jin, last year dropped 0.90 yuan / jin, if The sale price, then not only do not make money, even at a loss, so far, the cotton growers of seed cotton weight is not for sale, all of hoarding at home and look forward to the Spring Festival before the wave of rising prices can occur.