Art carpet to create vibrant state of mind

Hong Fofo step on soft and thick silk, soft-line virtual flowers too complex, set foot on American song and dance, Luo shoes with socks rust-step … no … “China’s Tang Dynasty poem to create a carpet can be given by the vibrant state of mind, but also Art on the carpet created by the praise.
2000 years ago during the Eastern Han Chinese to ancient Egypt and Persia its peak, from the Roman Empire to France during the Napoleonic, hand-woven out of the art has always been full of vitality, reflected the history of the brilliant, Yun Zhao stressed the art of the United States and the ideals of humanity . It contains a picture, a dance, a rhythm, a poem, perhaps a piece, a sculpture or just a thought and the form. It is precisely this with both hands, creativity and wool to weave the art of interpreting this as “soft-line virtual flowers” scene of the true state of mind and to create the perfect.