Australian Wool Development Corporation to stop the tail shearing sheep skin fold commitment

As the Australian Wool Development Corporation (AWI) back in 2010 before the cessation of sheep shearing tail folds of skin commitment to the country’s 2.5 billion Australian dollars a year wool export industry has been faced with the risk of resistance to international buyers.

Australia accounts for the world’s supply of wool clothing and decorative wool market, 85%. Shear sheep skin tail is to prevent the destructive larvae bite disturbance. Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization estimated that, if taken to stop this practice, every year there will be 3 million sheep die fly maggots bite disturbance.

Including Abercrombie & Fitch Inc. and other retailers in the United States and Europe, the Organization for the Ethical Treatment of Animals said that if AWI did not fulfill its commitment to take action to resist, the United Kingdom for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) called on the Australian wool producers to fulfill its 2010 promise . AWI believes that they should be responsible for 30,000 shareholders, not to be responsible for animal activists, and pointed out that Australia is not the only skin of sheep shearing, New Zealand and South Africa are using this technology, there is no finding of sheep to prevent disease Alternative solutions.