Awat County cotton market analysis

Cotton is the Awat County of the pillars of competitive industries, the main source of income for farmers is growing cotton, but since the second half of last year, due to a further increase in agricultural demand and rising prices, domestic supply and demand of cotton and cotton spinning business slump And other factors to the acquisition of cotton this year has put pressure on, in order to do a better job of the new cotton purchase, the county is on the current cotton market to do the following analysis.

First, in 2008 the basic situation of cotton

In 2008 the county of 72 million mu of cotton acreage, and last year increase of over 6.13 million, an increase of 9.3 percent, long-staple cotton 48.37 million, representing a reduction of 15.49 million last year, a decrease of 24%; Xirong Mian 236,300 Mu, an increase over the previous year 21.62 million mu. As the big tune this year, the acreage Xirong Mian, Xi Rongmian Therefore, the total output increased substantially over last year, the total output Xi Rongmian to 27,000 tons, an increase over last year 24,100 tons; and relatively long-staple cotton acreage last year Decreased, total output fell significantly, long-staple cotton production this year to 46,000 tons, representing a reduction of 15,500 tons last year, a decrease of 25%. Lint in 2008 is expected to total output 73,000 tons, an increase over last year 09,000 tons, an increase of 14% of the total area of cotton cultivation to increase the total output this year is to pull a major factor in the increase. This year by the climate and other factors, the per-mu yield of cotton dropped to 90.8 kilograms per mu long-staple cotton, cut 5.6 kg over the previous year, a decrease of 5.8%; Xirong Mian 131.9 kilograms per mu over last year cut 1,046 Kg, a decrease of 7.3 percent.

Second, the current operation of the new cotton price

Since the acquisition of the new cotton Kai Cheng, Kai Cheng county’s cotton processing plant for the acquisition of 20, Kai Cheng rate of 87%. The average purchase price of long-staple cotton to 5.8 yuan / kg, the highest price to 6.05 yuan / kg, unchanged from the same period last year than the average; Xirong Mian average price of 5.4 yuan / kg over the same period last year dropped 5.3 percent. Since the end of last year, prices of agricultural materials and labor costs, increased cotton costs. According to monitoring data show that in 2008 the county of cotton per acre than the total cost of 836.5 yuan last year rose 163.5 yuan, up 37.6 yuan of agricultural materials, the total cost of up to 23%, as a result of rising costs particularly in agricultural prices led to the cotton farmers Look forward to the new cotton price is relatively high, while the current price of cotton farmers failed to meet the expectations of the psychological price, with the result that farmers appear psychological Hard Trading in a Dream; also due to domestic and foreign cotton supply and demand of funds and acquisition of such factors as the impact of cotton enterprises Shen Mental close.

Third, the acquisition of new cotton market

To date a total of the county to acquire new Tam 192,500 cotton (lint 9626 tons), representing a 19.5 percent decline over the same period last year, of which 152,500 long-staple cotton Tam (7621 tons of lint), an average of 31.5 lint, with an average purchase price of 5.85 yuan / kg ; Xirong Mian 40,000 Tam (2005 tons of lint), with an average lint 40, with an average purchase price of 5.4 yuan / kg; a 81% cotton, cotton accounted for 19% of the secondary. Cotton market is booming in the past to sell the cotton land cotton is no longer exists, replaced by close Shen Hard Trading in a Dream, the problems are caused mainly in the following points:

1, by the international trade environment, energy and raw materials and labor costs rise, and other factors, in 2008 China’s cotton textile industry to continue to maintain growth characteristics, combined with international and domestic cotton futures prices remained low and small and medium-sized domestic textile industry’s losses accounted for half of the As many as a half-stop production, Woxian led to the 2007 annual sales of lint poor, the low selling prices, inventory cotton accounted for a larger share of hard currency funds, and increased the cost of sales.

2, cotton farmers and cotton consumption demand expectations, and so many contradictions, the cotton market has become the most important factor in poor circulation.

3, worried that the acquisition of its business beyond the purchase price of the purchase price of the security line and the Agricultural Development Bank to continue to purchase cotton, then the Agricultural Development Bank will stop the supply of loans, such follow-up to the acquisition of acquired businesses and the funds will be no protection at the same time will result in follow-up cotton farmers to sell cotton and difficult Processing enterprises is difficult to acquire, and processing enterprises purchase price too high a price in excess of the Mainland enterprises with the affordability of cotton, cotton will lead to a new city there is no sales price.

At present, due to cotton Shen enterprises closed, Hard Trading in a Dream cotton and other reasons, the acquisition is expected to extend the cycle, but the domestic textile industry’s downturn will be restricted with the progress of the acquisition price, which is bound to lead to lower participation in the cotton market, the active low-low .