Borrow “Dongfeng” to accelerate the revitalization of the textile industry well-known enterprises settled down in Xinjiang

“Recently, the State Council in support of the Xinjiang Construction quality cotton yarn, cotton and cotton textile production base, has greatly encouraged the cadres and the masses of all ethnic groups in my area. Xinjiang for the revitalization of the textile industry We are confident that the goal is to develop planning; present to Xinjiang at home and abroad more than 20 well-known enterprises, half of whom are new in 2008, the reorganization, the new scale of two million, the region accounted for half of the cotton spinning industry! “March 2, autonomous regions, director of textile firms do Yan-Ni Liu told reporters.


February 4, the State Council considered and adopted the “revitalization of the textile planning” made it clear: “to promote and guide the textile and garment processing enterprises to the central and western transfer, the construction quality of Xinjiang cotton yarn, cotton and cotton textile production base.” To revitalize the textile industry in Xinjiang and promote new-type industrialization process, has once again brought about rare opportunities for development.


In recent years, my area large enterprises and groups strategies, through corporate restructuring, technological innovation, eliminating the backward, and optimize the layout, such as measures to promote the textile industry by the big to strong changes. At present, the nineties of the last century after the new equipment and equipment accounted for the total number of Units 80% higher than the national average, and built a number of countries or the domestic advanced level of the production lines. Technological innovation capacity, product quality upgrading, combed the region, no joint production of yarn, respectively, 32% and 70%, were higher than the national average.


My district use of resources advantages, location advantages, and vigorously promote the construction of industrial clusters, agglomeration effect further highlighted. From “15” began, in accordance with the scientific layout, focused, step-by-step implementation of a high starting point, a high level of focus, as requested in support of the Uzbek cotton industry to chang areas, library – Wei, Aksu – Alarcon, Shihezi — Kuytun, Kashi gather, forming five major regional industrial clusters. By 2008, has formed five major industrial areas of textile production scale Xinjiang accounts for 85 percent of total capacity, becoming the main force driving the development of the industry.


Yan-Ni Liu said that at present, the whole textile industry firmly seize this opportunity for development, will focus its work on implementing the national policy measures, are actively planning, proposed mission. Recently, autonomous regions proposed textile parks to promote cotton as a base for the construction of essential grasps, in the five major industrial clusters, the major support from a number of conditions are ripe, the development potential of large, radiation and leading role of large textile enterprises, urged “the construction of cotton textile industrial base “target as soon as possible.