Brocade Research Institute successfully to restore lost two weaving process

Brocade Research Institute for the Ming Tombs Museum Dingling three more difficult to copy the silk relics, for the first time successfully restored by the second makeup Twisted and Luo Hua yarn lost two long-weaving techniques. After nearly a year’s effort to copy the current three silk relics have been made within the next few days will be sent to the museum.

Brocade is a fine traditional culture of China’s outstanding representative of the succession and represents the essence of Chinese silk technology in the world in the field of textile art treasures. Brocade Research Institute was founded in 1957, is the only professional research institute Kam-yun, in the ancient copy silk relics excavated Rhododendron weaving process, the restoration of traditional varieties of Rhododendron, Rhododendron fashion research and development aspects of new products have achieved good results.

In May 2005, Brocade Research Institute and the Ming Tombs Office of the Special Administrative Region signed an agreement to copy silk relics, the Ming Tombs had museum Dingling deterioration of the carbonation, Emperor Wanli in the Ming Dynasty and the Princess of more than 200 pieces of silk Heritage Organization for emergency treatment of sexual reproduction research, the first copy of Tetraena red moire satin embroidered clothes gun Chapter 12, Green Zhijin makeup Chan Zhi Lian Hua embroidery yarn, “Lu Wan-day” Women make up to get Jiayi, embroidered with six chapters Huang Luo Sang three of the silk relics difficult.

According to Brocade, deputy director of the Institute of Production Wang Jisheng, these three robes involved in the production of Rhododendron species are plain yarn, yarn flower makeup, the strangulation by the Luo, both positive and negative 5 satin, embroidered pieces using a sprinkling embroidered line, Scramble needlework, gold-embroidered and other laws. Yarn with the makeup of which spent two twisted by the Romanian technology has lost hundreds of years, the Institute of Rhododendron through three silk copy of the cultural relics in the world for the first time restored the two-woven technology. After the recovery of the three cultural relics have their own characteristics, demonstrated superb weaving techniques.

Tetraena red moire satin embroidered clothes XII gun Emperor Wanli in the coffin unearthed in central northern side of a serious residual damage. Gun is serving the emperor in ancient religious ceremonies, as well as other major occasions used dress, the Emperor Wanli of the Guanzhong gun clothes patterns for Chapter 12 (woven shoulder, on, star, Chen, Shan-long, worm-hua six chapters, the predecessor of the cases Yi, algae, fire, powder, embroidery, embroidery VI), copy of the original gun served in strict accordance with the proportion of production, red moire satin Tetraena up to 21 meters, the gun and some clothes Shangzhui 12 dragon embroidery group, All with a single sewing silk, nothing on the back pin, reflecting the high level of technology.

Xiao-Jing unearthed in the Queen’s green Guannei Zhijin makeup Chan Zhi Lian Hua embroidery yarn, “Lu Wan-day” to get women make up Jiayi for Zhijin Chan Zhi Hua Lian makeup yarn. Makeup flower Rhododendron yarn is the more complex varieties, fully reflects the Kam Wah Kwai-yun elegant and sophisticated.

Xiu theaflavins six chapters Luo Sang unearthed in the Emperor Wanli Guannei, dilapidated Original more serious style dress, made by Huang Luo. Huang Luo Sang with the hand-woven by the Second Law and plain-twist yarn technology, as well as the yarn in uniform, Rhodia Stranded clever. Brocade WANG Bao-lin, director of the Institute, two of them by strangulation Lo Kam-yun is the process the more unique varieties, but also all countries in the world textile research institutes in the capture of a storm, as a result of this copy, Brocade Research Institute for the first time We have only heard his name, but lost the long-Lo of weaving technology into reality. On this basis, the Institute of Rhododendron in the future also plans to challenge more difficult by the three Romanian twist, twist by four Romanian technology.

WANG Bao-lin said that 20 years ago, the Institute for Rhododendron Dingling copy of the 20 or so silk unearthed cultural relics, when the copy of the silk relics on display at Chang Ling Basilica, the steady stream of visitors. Today, the Institute for Rhododendron Dingling to copy the success of the three silk relics, a more significant meaning. The first is to complete the shift, a group of young people training; Second, the institute has withstood the test of the new, restored long-lost weaving process; also for the development of the Institute for “auspicious” brand new varieties of Rhododendron laid a foundation for , Rhododendron succession and development increased vitality.