Bureau of Statistics: Hunan cotton sales backlog of serious disruption

Survey Organization National Bureau of Statistics recently Hunan Huaihua, Changde, security townships, cities and counties Lixian markets for agricultural products, such as a survey conducted by the current existence of some agricultural products in Hunan Province obvious sales are sluggish, the backlog of serious issues, especially citrus, cotton especially, a cause of concern.

– Cotton backlog in particular. is the base of the county, one of cotton goods, cotton, particularly highlighting the backlog. As a result of more stable prices in recent years, cotton farmers a better income, a steady increase in cotton planting area this year reached 43 million mu of cultivated area, the initial estimated 1.6 million cotton piculs, but the current situation, the county backlog of cotton reached 1.2 million Tam above. Anfeng rural county southeast of the state villagers Chen reflect his home this year, a total of 8 acres planted with cotton, harvested 2,000 kg of seed cotton, has not sold 1 kg.

The same situation occurred in major cotton producing Lixian County, Hunan Province. A survey shows that there are more than 100 million Lixian Tam seed cotton farmers piled on the home, the total output of 2 / 3. According to another survey, Huaihua City of cotton production is expected to total 60,000 piculs, currently occupied 10,000 cotton piculs, exported about 1 million piculs, there are nearly 4 million piculs cotton piled up in the hands of farmers.

It is reported that affected by financial crisis, a considerable number of production-limiting textile, cotton dropped, lint cotton processing enterprises phenomenon is very prominent, cotton basic stagnation. Hunan water crossing is a branch of cotton after the reform package to create the 400 enterprises, since early October 2008, business acquisition cotton, so far, has acquired 54,000 tons of seed cotton, processing 950 tons of lint cotton has all.