Carpet to create space for beauty

1. You may as furniture and carpets on the ground as an intermediary between. So have a complete sense of furniture, rather than out-and-out before there, and because of the accession to the arrangements and a carpet, and will open the living room was scattered tables and chairs to gather together as a whole so that there is a sense, but abstract definition of the scope of space.

2. Carpet so that space and space to become a bridge. For example: in the entrance corridor, such as over-or space may be appropriate in the form of laying carpet, so the space can enhance the sense of connection and change the color and degree of warming the atmosphere.

3. Increase the space of comfort. For example: small wool carpet on the bed, the room so warm and kind of comfort. The large carpet should be laid in the bed or sofa, with the main pieces of large furniture, rather than going only to occupy space, so the carpet will be able to demonstrate its partial results, and stresses the visual focal point.