Cashmere key technology projects through the proof

Support national science and technology projects “cashmere processing equipment and critical research and development of key technologies and applications,” recently passed experts.


Project by the Bank of Ningxia Cashmere Industry Co., Ltd., Xi’an Engineering University, Beijing Chemical Co., Ltd. China Textile, Textile Machinery Factory, Qingdao such as enterprises and institutions to participate in the implementation of the project total investment 77 million yuan. Projects for the processing of cashmere and cashmere variation caused by common problems, study processing of cashmere products in common and key technologies, key equipment. Its focus on variation of cashmere carding key technologies and new equipment, cashmere Topmaking key technology and equipment, two types of variation of cashmere fibers and dyeing uniformity, high worsted cashmere worsted knitting yarn with products, cashmere variation After the physical and chemical properties, such as research and development applications. After completion of the project can be formed with independent intellectual property rights for the new generation of variation cashmere cashmere carding, system, the worsted yarn production line model, the development of cashmere cashmere article a local technical standards, the application of cashmere carding , the system, the dyeing and yarn blends high technology patents 4.