China Light & Textile Industrial City in recent days to return to the state-owned

As a result of private capital has entered the information arising from the effects of Asia’s largest textile trading center – China Light & Textile Industrial City in recent days to return to the state-owned. Many in the industry believe that this large market of professional development has a certain significance samples.

In late November, a listed company China Light & Textile Industrial City, announced: the original controlling shareholder holding Jing Gong has been held by the 9680 million shares to 3.6 yuan per share price for the transfer of state-owned corporations wholly owned by China Light & Textile Industrial City market development limited operation Company (hereinafter referred to as the development of the company), for a total transfer of 348,000,000 yuan, the company will be the development of the company’s largest shareholder.

Six years ago, the state-owned China Light & Textile Industrial City completed restructuring, so that private enterprises to become the largest shareholder in circulation, making it China Light & Textile Industrial City to become the first large-scale restructuring of the professional market from the joint-stock enterprises. However, after several years of operation, one can not avoid the issue surfaced: the large-scale professional development of the market who will lead? According to many households to reflect the operating, a few years ago, “Booth fried” has become a usual occurrence in Light & Textile Industrial City, some people rent booths to buy is not for the purpose of doing business, but to sell or sublet, profit, market operation order to ensure that hard to get . “If the market in the hands of those speculators turn, how can we thrive?” Shaoxing County, who led an interview with reporters said.

At the same time, China Light & Textile Industrial City itself under enormous competitive pressure. Two years ago, Shaoxing county FENG Jian-rong will have a sense of crisis. After nearly 20 years of development, China Light & Textile Industrial City has become the second largest market professional and Asia’s largest textile trading center, but before and after 2005 all over the Yangtze River Delta Light & Textile Industrial City “Zaochengyundong” China Light & Textile Industrial City to face similar The challenges of the market close. And have similar size of the Yiwu China Commodity City to the rapid development of Shaoxing County, a great inspiration – Yiwu Commodity City just totally led by the Government. In 2006, Shaoxing County decided to upgrade as a government-led development of the first principles of Light & Textile Industrial City, and invested heavily in the expansion of China Light & Textile Industrial City, the market’s operation from the area of 600,000 square meters to about 1,600,000 square meters. However, this appeared in the same city two textile management system: the old Jing Gong group by market management, new market by holding and managing state-owned enterprises. “One city, two systems” is the negative effect of unequal allocation of public resources and the operating costs of the market imbalance.

The government “visible hand” to promote equity buy-back, so that the problems immediately. Jing Gong on the group, the manufacturing sector in the face of “cold”, Light & Textile Industrial City stock exchange of more than 300,000,000 yuan in cash would not be a warm, “cotton-padded jacket.” Good at manufacturing and operation of the capital’s fine Gong group operating in the market and management is not smooth, input, output of small and contain the entire enterprise. Today, the Government also set to fine Gong is a relief; operating in the family view, the state-owned shares to control the market, is a return to order; on the part of the government, to buy back the stake in Light & Textile Industrial City is back to the leadership. This will not only greatly reduce the operators of the market business costs and enhance the attractiveness of the market, but also contribute to the integration of operations, from the upper reaches of the formation of textile raw materials, chemical additives, to the lower reaches of the clothing apparel, home textiles, industrial fabrics, etc. Rich in variety, with a complete range of textile products and related cluster market, China Light & Textile Industrial City from the traditional to a modern professional market professional market, to market a single integrated market would greatly speed the process of evolution.