China’s largest high-grade silk carpet manufacturers transformation of the road

October 15, Shenma Group, with an annual output of 2,000 tons of silk carpets for a technical transformation project is expected to drive success. The projects completed and put into production, so that the Shenma Group, and an annual output reaching 4,000 tons, has become China’s largest high-grade silk carpet manufacturer.

Silk carpet products to enlarge and strengthen the group as an important pillar industries – nylon industrial chain an important link with a wide
Wide prospects for development. In recent years, with China’s growing national strength and people’s living standards rising, the market’s increasing demand for high-grade carpet, silk carpet Shenma sales continue to rise, the market demand, product demand, the original 2,000 tons of production capacity can not meet the needs of the market. In this case, the Shenma Group, the full deployment of internal resources and strengths to the production of silk carpets more than 20 years of accumulated skills and experience, the use of factory production lines reserved for the location and the existing public works facilities and cushion the rapid implementation of the 2000 t Silk carpet Tianpingbuqi technical projects.

It is understood that the group silk carpet production project in the late 1980s, the introduction of foreign technology, through digestion and absorption of technological innovation, will be ready to expand the production capacity. Since the project started this year by the end of March, after a tense construction, in just more than half a year, it completed the project construction, equipment installation, and other tasks. It is reported that the project put into operation, Shenma silk carpet with an annual production capacity will reach 4,000 tons, ranking first in the country, with an estimated annual profit of 7,490,000 yuan to add, is a small investment, construction speed, high-yield a good project.