China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade Secretary for the relevant person in charge on textile exports in 2009’s media session

According to China’s accession to the WTO Working Group report, textiles special measures will be limited due by the end of 2008, China and the United States, China and the EU bilateral textile memorandum of understanding will end at the same time.

China’s Ministry of Foreign Trade Secretary for the relevant person in charge on textile exports in 2009’s media session. He said that in the current situation, in order to implement the State Council executive meeting, textiles and other labor-intensive to maintain the steady growth of exports, the Chinese government will further strengthen cooperation with the countries of the dialogue and communication to ensure a smooth transition for China’s textile export to create A favorable external environment.

Customs data show that 1 in September this year, Chinese textile and clothing exports a total of 136,940,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 8.1 percent, an increase of the same period last year dropped 11.9 percent. Among them, exports to the United States 19,240,000,000 U.S. dollars, up 1.4 percent, an increase of the same period last year dropped by 28 percentage points; exports to the EU due to the liberalization of quantitative restrictions, it has maintained a high growth rate.

In addition to next year’s textile exports to create an external environment, the Chinese government is also present for the entire industry in the doldrums of the steel industry, for the United States to lower trade barriers. 23 ~ 24, the fourth Sino-US Steel dialogue held in Beijing, the Chinese side frankly, the Chinese iron and steel enterprises in the fair market environment, competition with foreign counterparts, not only does not exist on government subsidies, has taken a number of measures to control steel exports. The Chinese side hopes that the United States will deepen their understanding of the Chinese iron and steel industry, iron and steel products to China to avoid the abuse of trade remedy measures and to ensure that related cases in line with WTO rules and rulings.

For China to raise trade barriers or

Have been worried about the outside world, in the current global economic recession of the background, is likely to raise trade barriers, which will be a severe blow to China’s exports.

Last week, WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy in Beijing met with Chinese Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said that the large-scale financial crisis, the situation is complex and will have an impact on global trade and could lead to trade protectionism. Therefore, more solid and stable represented by the WTO’s multilateral trading system, he will continue our efforts to promote the current round of negotiations in the Doha Round by the end of the negotiations on agriculture and non-agricultural model to reach agreement.

National Conditions Research Center of Tsinghua University, an expert told the “Business News”: “On the one hand, Europe and the United States at present are not yet giving China market economy status, so often initiated anti-dumping investigation; On the other hand, in Europe and the United States on technical barriers in the near future And enhanced in the future of China’s exports of related products, especially textiles will be affected. ”

25 in the seventh Asia-Europe summit meeting concluded at a press conference, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao frankly, in the first three quarters this year, China’s GDP growth rate is 9.9 percent, which is nearly 6 years for the first time down to single digits. There are subjective factors that control, but can not deny that the world economy changes, in particular the reduction of external demand for China’s economy has had an impact.

So far this year, the Chinese Government has on many occasions demonstrated against the trade protectionism of the position in order to protect the interests of the Chinese export enterprises.

However, trade barriers, Europe and the United States at present, there are many uncertainties. Last week, WTO said in a statement, in the first half of this year, the world’s new anti-dumping investigation initiated by more than 39% increase over the same period last year, the implementation of the new anti-dumping measures than the same period last year, an increase of 6%. China is still the other members of the WTO anti-dumping investigation initiated by the main target of the first half of the world’s 85 launched a new anti-dumping investigations, 37 for Chinese exports.

China Textile Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, vice president of Kang Chol told this reporter last month that China’s textile and garment export growth rate of 6 years in a row for more than 20% of the global textile and garment market, the average annual growth of only about 5%. As a result, China may continue to face trade barriers in other countries.

To be a little bit of good news is that to succeed Peter Mandelson as EU Trade Commissioner of the Dayton (Catherine Ashton) has arrived. She recently announced that Mandelson would not depart from the painstakingly established by the pursuit of free trade and safeguard the authority of the WTO and globalization, the core of the support line.