China’s textile market is still promising

While the global economic downturn, but the prospects for China’s textile market is still considerable, is expected to maintain strong growth. By the end of March this year, will be held in Beijing China International Textile fabrics and accessories (summer) Expo will be overseas textile manufacturers and buyers to vigorously open the door to enter the China market.

Today I was informed from the China Textile Trade, in order to be dropped should be external, the Chinese Government on China’s textile industry is currently implementing the tax and levy concessions, and has to inject liquidity into the economy as a whole in order to maintain national economic growth. In July last year, the Chinese Government has twice increased the textile exporters from VAT refund. Other measures include direct investment, levy, and other concessions for the textile industry to set up a concessionary. Large number of textile enterprises believe that the financial crisis, the Chinese economy and demand for textile products are subject to shocks, than any region will be minor.

By the China International Trade Promotion Committee branch of the textile industry, Messe Frankfurt (HK) co-sponsored this and other textile exhibition has been held in China for fifteen years, becoming Legion overseas textiles enter the Chinese market the most efficient way. On this basis, the organizers have succeeded in establishing China’s biggest and most professional textile exhibition series. In Beijing Textile Clothing Fair last year received from 74 countries and regions, more than 25,000 buyers. This figure will increase this year.

Messe Frankfurt (HK) show the relevant responsible person said that the show is the best return on investment marketing campaign, even if the current global economic slowdown, but China’s show is still popular.

It is reported that China International Textile fabrics and accessories (summer) Expo will be with the Chinese textile industry, another major event – the China International Clothing & Accessories Fair and China International Textile yarn (summer) exhibition held in the same period.