China’s well-known traditional crafts carpet

Carpet is a well-known traditional crafts, and more than 2,000 years of history. Carpet began in pastoral areas of the Northwest Plateau, the local ethnic minorities in order to meet the needs of nomadic life, the use of local rich twist wool yarn, woven out of colorful kneeling mats, carpets and tapestry. Later, carpet weaving technology into the central plains region, face more and more widely applicable. According to historical records, from the Tang and Song to the Ming and Qing dynasties, more and more varieties of carpet. The system of the carpet, often with cotton, wool, and Ma Paper Rope for raw materials such as prepared. Britain’s first since 1720 Brussels carpet weaving, carpet mechanism came into being, so far the development of mechanisms account for carpets in the world consumption of 99% of the total, accounted for only 1% of the carpets by hand.

The 20th century, Beijing, Tianjin has established a production and export of carpet enterprises, China has become the focus of carpet-producing areas. China to adopt high-quality carpet of pure wool, wool after the election, scouring, carding, dyeing, weaving blankets, cut films, such as washing process from processing. It has good quality wool, unique art, elegant design features, unique in the international community, China is a major exporter of handicrafts.