Chinatex HS 2009 textile cluster deployment focus

145 in-depth investigation of textile industry cluster

Chinatex HS 2009 textile cluster deployment focus

Held recently in 2009 the China Textile Industry Association Industry Cluster services for the forum, the China Textile Industry Association vice-president Tan Soo Jin in 2008 combined with the work of the Cluster Service and the professional associations of the new year of job clusters Service recommended by the 2009 China Textile Industry Association Cluster Service focus:

First, the pilot of industrial clusters to enhance industrial innovation platform for the region-building guidance and assistance plans in 2009 of the industrial clusters industrial innovation platform construction rate of 80%.

Second is to further strengthen industry clusters and professional markets, the industrial cluster as well as between eastern and western regions of the docking between the industries.

Three is to expand the cluster region to promote the construction of demonstration projects, exchanges, such as structural adjustment, unified control pollution, such as financing small and medium-sized to play a successful role model case.

Four are in the National Development and Reform Commission, the letter of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce and other ministries under the guidance of textile “Eleventh Five-Year Planning” and “Platform for a three-year revitalization” of the existing 145 pilot for the textile industry cluster in-depth investigation, for the support of state policies to promote industrial clusters regional development, and basic job to do a good job.

Five are actively studying and summing up industrial clusters typical experiences of sustainable development, and timely to convene working meetings textile industry cluster or clusters of areas of sustainable development forum for the promotion of good experience and methods.

Sixth, to strengthen professional associations of the cluster, the “one-on-one” services, such as the skills, talents, training standards and so on.

Promote industrial innovation has been the platform for the construction of the China Textile Industry Association to enhance the overall strength of the textile cluster, the development of modern new-type textile industry cluster as a key aspect, according to statistics, as of the end of 2008, there were more than 30 textile clusters of industries platform for building innovative and sophisticated mature, in the cluster-building play an increasingly important role.

It is understood that in 2008, the China Textile Industry Association and various professional associations research clusters to a total of 230 times, covering the whole textile industry chain. Early March 2008, the China Textile Industry Association conducted a large area, the concentration of high-profile research, sub-6 Road, visited the Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and other key cluster. At the same time, the second half of 2008 also for implementing the scientific development concept to conduct research. In addition, the China Textile Industry Association, the professional association of research also runs through the whole year in 2008.

In addition, in order to better serve the industry cluster, professional associations have also introduced a feature of the measures and methods. Cotton Textile Industry Association rely on the cluster enterprises, introduced a reform and opening-up since the first “Chinese denim industry development report”; apparel trade associations in Jintan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang Pinghu and set up two observation points, be able to timely and objective understanding of the apparel industry set group development; textile industry Contest Association Events are the cluster to develop a major bright spot, Product Design Competition, Creative Design Competition Design Competition and manual textile enterprises have become involved in the annual event.

The forum, in affirming the job in 2008 at the same time, the trade association has made some suggestions: I hope to increase the construction of industrial clusters of assessment and feedback mechanisms, thereby more targeted to help the cluster to solve the problem; to increase industry docking between clusters to enable enterprises to fully recognize their own position in the industry chain, targeted to accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring; strengthen personnel training, the current industry cluster businesses and large enterprises it is very difficult match, cultivate talent, retain talent the development of industrial clusters are a problem that can not be ignored; the face of the current situation, in 2009 to strengthen industrial cluster as a unit of investment and financing topics such as training and so on.